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Welcome back to our Spring Term!


We are well into the swing of the Spring term!



Wonderful news….. Leighton school has been accredited again with an Internet Safety Certificate! Congratulations to all involved in helping us secure this certificate. All parents have access to the National Online Safety site and there are lots of useful articles for parents. If you have trouble logging in please contact the school office, and we can help.



Update on our breakfast club numbers. We are still oversubscribed on our breakfast club numbers and are reviewing this on a regular basis and also overseeing pupils on the waiting list.



We are looking forward to  and planning Leighton’s own “Winter Olympics” at school. Mrs Coleman and Mr Buck are planning lots of sporting activities for classes to participate in and they have some exciting guests who are coming in… watch this space!!


We recognise the importance of physical activity and exercise on children’s mental and physical wellbeing.  We promote ‘healthy body and healthy minds’ across school. Mrs Coleman and Premier Education support our children's P.E. sessions in school and after school clubs. It’s great to see the children and staff having lots of fun during these lessons.



We continue to dedicate time in school for the Reading Pledge. There is lots of research that supports the value of reading to your children at home. If you read with your child for just 10 minutes per day it equates to over 60 hours in a year. Reading at home has proven to boost a child’s school performance, as well as increase vocabulary, build strong communication skills, improve self-esteem, and spark their imagination. Other benefits of reading include:

  • Reduces stress & anxiety

  • Improves sleep

  • Increases empathy

  • Lengthens lifespan

  • Increased levels of concentration


Please be aware of the roadworks outside the school and take extra precautions when collecting your children.


Mr Forde is starting a cooking club. Each group will run for four weeks and will be targeted at year groups. I am looking forward to seeing (tasting) some things the children are making.