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Maths in Reception

At Leighton we use White Rose Maths to base our planning on, alongside NCETM teaching resources. We focus on a number at a time, enabling the children to see each number in a variety of different ways visually. Examples include everyday objects, numicon, counters, fingers, tally marks and the numeral itself.  The children get opportunities to count out different numbers of objects on five and ten frames, ordering numbers, comparing numbers and sorting them deciding whether they represent a particular number or not. The children thoroughly enjoy watching Numberblocks episodes that have been matched to their lesson focus.  

Our maths lessons are taught daily with the children placed in groups according to their ability. The groups are reviewed regularly with the aim to be fluid depending on the lesson focus. During milk time each day we also spend time focusing on maths fluency skills through a range of songs. The children get the chance to practice counting to 20, partitioning numbers to 5, identifying 1 more or 1 less and subitizing numbers to 5. 


Useful websites - Numberblocks episodes and maths games - Maths games - Maths games