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Our Curriculum

We believe in ‘bringing learning to life’ by exploring a variety of themes and subjects in great depth.

Our teaching is supplemented by hands-on activities in the classroom and outdoors, and further extending the curriculum into the wider community with trips in the local area and beyond in order to develop our pupils’ cultural capital. Our aim is to provide all children access to a relevant, knowledge-rich curriculum that enables them to achieve well relative to their individual starting points, inspire an enquiring mind, and prepare our children for the next phase in their learning journey. We believe every pupil has the fundamental right to develop their whole being, including physical, emotional and intellectual intelligence.

We strive to offer an inspiring curriculum that provides a meaningful learning experience that is enjoyable, inclusive and tailored to meet the needs of our diverse school community. A strong foundation of development in the core subjects English, mathematics and science underpins Leighton’s commitment to grow excellence across the whole curriculum in order for our pupils to know more, remember more and be able to do more. We use the National Curriculum as a starting point and expand on a range of topics and subjects with precision and focus. We invest in the teaching of reading skills in order for the children to develop as critical thinkers and use their reading skills as a tool to learn. Our aim is to include reading in all areas of pupil learning through stories, informative and enriching texts to support the learning of foundation subjects.

All pupils at Leighton will receive a curriculum that is:

  • broad and balanced 
  • ambitious, challenging and inspiring
  • coherently planned and sequenced
  • adapted to meet the needs of pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities