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Leighton Primary School

School and Eco Councils

School Council

Members: Pia, Tyrell, Naman, Mikey, Mackenzie, Laura, Grace, Charlie, Chloe, Jaydon.

We started the year with our annual school council elections. The competition was tough and we were pleased to be elected to represent our class mates.

As councillors we understand it is our duty to express our views and the views of the children we represent. We will be developing skills such as communication, confidence, and team work.

We have agreed to make a suggestion box for each class so we can bring other children’s ideas and views to our meetings.

The school council will be involved in many projects this year. As a group we decided to make a fundraising thermometer for the school reception area so our parents, carers and the local community can see how we are getting along with our fundraising activities.



Eco Council


Members: Brooke, Tyler, Anneka, Rebecca, Hayley, Amy, Natalia, Emilie, Tommy.

Leighton's Eco Council - ''Being an Eco-Council Ambassador at Leighton Primary School is a very responsible role to have, because we believe that looking after the environment is so important. Throughout the year we will be focusing on reducing litter and keeping our school areas tidy as well as exciting new projects such as tree planting, potato growing and recycling.''


Halloween disco

The School and Eco councils helped organised a Halloween Disco with games and activities.

'We helped to wrap the pass the parcel. It wasn't easy, the prizes kept slipping out!'