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Leighton Primary School

Year 3

Here you can find out the curriculum expectations for Year 3 and learn about what they will be doing this term.

Summer term

Our topic this term is Peterborough: Our City.  We will be learning about where Peterborough is in the country and in relation to other cities, about the history and growth of the city, and about what the city has to offer today. Leaflets will be designed and written to persuade people to visit or settle in Peterborough. There will be a trip to the museum and city centre, and we will also be taking some walks around the local area.  We will be learning to find our way around the city, reading maps and bus timetables.  We will also look at a local planning issue which will affect people's lives in our community, learning how to write letters and emails to the authorities to argue a point of view or to complain.
Our science topics are Growing Plants, and How the Human Body Moves and Works. In Art we will be doing sketching, printing and landscape paintings.  In Music we will be making pop music using Garage Band and creating backing tracks to put together with raps that we will write, ready for our annual hotly contested 'rap-off' between Lobster and Octopus class. P.E. lessons will teach net games and striking and fielding games, and then athletics, building up to Sports Day and local athletics competitions. It will be a busy term, but should be a lot of fun!