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Leighton Primary School

Year 6

Here you can find out the curriculum expectations for Year 6 and learn about what they will be doing this term.


Summer term

The Summer Term in Year 6 is an extremely busy, productive and exciting time for the children. As the children are entering their final term in primary school, we will be working hard to ensure they are fully prepared for the SATs in the first half of the Summer Term; then we will focus on the children's transition to secondary school. There will be ample opportunities for the children to revise and practice in preparation for the SATs. The tests will take place during the week beginning 8th May. The tests will take place on dates and time which are set for the whole country. Once the test(s) for that day are completed, the children will have time to revise any areas that they are concerned about in preparation for the following day. Even though we want the children to be thoroughly prepared, we do not want them to be over anxious and we would kindly ask you to support us in emphasising that all we expect is that children do their best.
During the summer term, the topic in Year 6 is Our World. The children will learn all about the fascinating features of the world and they shape Earth and our lives. From the terrifying tremors of earthquakes to violent volcanoes the children will begin to understand how these natural events occur and the impact they have on the Earth. Along with this, Year 6 will learn all about the oceans, seas, mountains and climates of the world. In particular, we will look at the Brazil in South America and compare and contrast it with the United Kingdom.
In English, we will focus on making the children ready for secondary school. Texts we study include: formal letters, narrative writing and explanation texts. Spelling techniques are revised as well as grammar and punctuation. We also practise and perform the much anticipated end of year production, which links many key skills in English and other subjects.
Similarly,in maths, this term’s teaching will focus on revision areas and gap-busting techniques running alongside the Primary Curriculum for Maths. We shall be introducing new learning after the SATs in preparation for secondary school, but revision will feature largely in our learning for the first three weeks. There will be opportunities for children to extend their maths skills to project based learning.
Our exciting science topic is Animals, including humans. Children will learn about the circulatory system; explore the effects of exercise on the body and discover how to stay healthy. We will learn all about the intricate and amazing systems of the body and how they all work together to create the complex beings we are.
Following the SATs the children will be focusing on Sex and Relationships Education in PSHE lessons. Information regarding this will be sent home soon.
It is an exciting end to your child's time at Leighton Primary School and we all look forward to the term ahead.