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Year 6

Autumn Term 2021:

A huge welcome back to all the children in year 6; we all look forward to an enjoyable and successful term. After such a disrupted 20 months, we are all keen to make the most of all children being back in the classroom.

During the Autumn Term, year 6 will be studying an ancient civilisation: The Ancient Greeks. Ancient civilisations provide a fascinating journey into the development of the modern world and the legacies left by those cultures. The children will have plenty of opportunities to develop their geographical skills through studies of how countries have changed over the centuries. These studies will enhance the children’s understanding of historical events and will allow them to appreciate how we know so much about these ancient civilisations. There will be ample chances to create some outstanding pieces of Art linked to Ancient Greece.

In English lessons, the children will continue to enhance their understanding of the writing techniques learnt in Year 5 and apply the rules of English grammar to write creative, entertaining and informative texts across a range of genres. We will begin the year focusing on narrative - writing to entertain - through myth writing. The children will create their own myths which will enable them to demonstrate an array of writing skills to entertain the reader. We teach and model 'The Writing Process' to ensure children are truly engaged with the art of writing. 

The focus in maths will be to reinforce the children’s understanding of the main concepts and applying these to more complex problems which require reasoning skills to solve. A main area of teaching will concentrate on children learning to reason and explain their answers. In maths lessons, children will investigate the relationship between numbers, in particular place value.

Our Science topics are Light and Electricity for the Autumn term. The science curriculum has two main areas: knowledge and working scientifically. Therefore, the children will learn all the facts and figures related to both areas and have opportunities to apply this knowledge to a range of investigations and experiments.

At Leighton, we look to enrich the curriculum for your children at every opportunity we can. To support our teaching of Ancient Greece, we have organised an exciting visit from a company who specialise in bringing the past to life.