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Leighton Primary School

The Leighton Team

  Senior Leadership Team:


Mrs E Ward - Headteacher

(Designated Safeguarding and PREVENT Lead)

Mrs C Gray - Deputy Headteacher

(Deputy Safeguarding Lead, Data Protection Officer, Data Lead, EHA Lead, PLAC Lead and CPiC Lead)

Mr D Saull - Deputy Headteacher 

(Deputy Safeguarding Lead, Quality of Education Leader, English Leader, Deputy Leader for Assessments & Data and Year 6 Class Teacher)

Mrs J Aubert - Assistant Headteacher

(Pupil Premium Leader & Year 1 Class Teacher)

Mr E Corleys - Assistant Headteacher

(Behaviour Leader, Writing Subject Leader, Year 5 & 6 Leader and Year 6 Class Teacher)

Mrs K Bilby - SENDco 


Our Teaching Team: 


Mrs J Bird - Reception - Starfish Class

(EYFS & Preschool Leader)

Mrs H Cuthbert - Reception - Jellyfish Class

(PSHE Lead and Placement Leader)


Miss C Barrasso - Year 1 - Sea Horse Class 

(ICT Lead)

Mrs M Wells/Mrs J Aubert - Year 1 - Sea Urchin Class 

(Music Lead/Assistant Head)


Mrs V Geldart - Year 2 - Dolphin Class

(Year 1 & 2 Leader and Phonics Lead)

Mrs C Reynolds (Numbers Count Teacher)

Miss N Guilfoyle - Year 2 - Sea Lion Class

(EAL Lead)


Miss E Belton - Year 3 - Octopus Class

(Science Lead)

Miss A Harris - Year 3 - Lobster Class

(PE Lead and Play Leader)


Mr A Moore - Year 4 - Marlin Class 

(Year 3 & 4 Leader and Reading Support Leader)

Mrs A Hilton - Year 4 - Swordfish Class 

(Geography Lead)


Miss E S - Year 5 - Manta Ray Class 

(History Lead & School Governor) 

Mrs J Christoudias - Year 5 - Stingray Class

(Junior Leadership Team Leader)


Mr E Corleys - Year 6 - Barracuda Class 

(Assistant Head)

Mr D Saull - Year 6 - Turtle Class 

(Deputy Head)

Mrs P Preston - Year 6 - Shark Class 

(Maths Leader)




Mrs T Wells (HLTA)

Mrs J Mason & Mrs E Corleys (TA)

Year 1 

Miss S Mole (HLTA)

Mrs Z Nelson, Mrs T Wright, Mrs J Rose & Miss J Weston (TA)

Year 2

Mrs L Burns & Mrs A Hagan (TA)

Year 3

Mrs D Onibanjo (HLTA)

Mrs E Palys (HLTA)


Mrs D Coleman, Mr M Griffin & Mrs L Smith (TA)

Year 4

Miss H Brodie (HLTA)

Mrs N Walji & Mrs S Weetman (TA)

Year 5

Mrs J Pateman (HLTA)

Mrs S Richards & Mrs Cutajar (TA)

Year 6 

Mrs M Oliver (HLTA)

Mrs C Tee & Mrs M Reynolds (TA)


Mrs T Garn (HLTA/ICT Technician) 


Office Staff:

Mrs F Green (Attendance/Admissions Officer)

Miss Helen McNee (Admin Assistant)

Mrs H Pearce (Finance Assistant)

Mrs K Bielawski (Finance Manager)

Mrs C Neville (PA & HR)


Site Manager: 

Mr K Hagan 


Senior Midday Supervisor: 

Mrs L Bull


Midday Supervisors: 

Miss S Ellwood

Mrs J Hagan

Mrs L Hodges

Miss S Herminio 

Mrs A Karlinska

Mrs D Owusu- Addae

Mrs E Parry

Mrs S Wallace 

Miss M White

Mrs M Wyrostek 

Mrs M Konikowska

Miss T Ellis

Mrs S Roberts

Mrs S Weston


Kitchen Staff: 

Mrs C Daniels - Catering Manager

Mrs V Sanchez - Catering Assistant

Mrs S Corke - Catering Assistant

Miss S Ellwood - Kitchen Cleaner


Cleaning Staff:

Mrs L Bull

Mrs J Hagan

Miss S Herminio 

Mrs M Wyrostek 

Mrs A Karlinska