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TOFS Charity Teddy Toddle

Reception and Year 1 Teddy Toddle


Teddy Toddle
Reception and Year 1 took part in the Teddy Toddle charity event on 22nd September and raised £200 for TOFS charity.

A local family with children at Leighton Primary and Preschool have joined together with the school to spearhead the

Here are words from mum about the charity and what it means to them:
‘My twin boys, are in year 1 and loving every minute. Leo was born with a rare condition called oesophageal atresia and tracheo-oesophageal fistula, meaning that his oesophagus did not fully form in the womb and the bottom half was attached to his airways. He had life-saving surgery at four days old and has had two further surgeries since (with a potential additional major surgery upcoming) and has ongoing issues with reflux and oesophageal dysmotility.

The charity TOFS, who support families like ours organise an annual 'Teddy Toddle', where children and adults alike are encouraged to walk (or skip/run/dance etc.) 5k over one week, whilst raising money (every penny counts as the charity receives no government funding).

Leighton Primary have been a fantastic support to us as a family and to Leo, with all staff involved taking the time to understand and look after his needs. We're very excited that the school are getting involved with the TOFS charity and look forward to future fundraising events!’

More details on the TOFS charity and OA/TOF conditions here: Reception and Year 1 children taking part will receive a sponsorship form to give to family and friends. If anyone from the school community would like to donate towards charity, please contact the school.