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Leighton Primary School

Mrs Sutton's Letter To All The Children at Leighton

To All The Children at Leighton Primary School

Hello everyone

I hope that you are all healthy and well and continuing to keep safe. It seems such a long time ago since I saw you all. It is now the same length of time that you would have for a summer holiday!!! It’s been a very strange 6 weeks and one in which we have all had to learn a new way of life. Many of you have emailed and told us how much you are missing your friends and this has made me realise that you have probably faced one of the biggest challenges that you will see in your childhood. Your friends and socialising with them, is such a huge part of school life and your interaction with them develops so many of the important life skills that prepare you for adult life. We will not underestimate how difficult being away from your friends has been in any way at all. I really do admire and respect you all immensely for following our new Government social rules and staying away from your friends to keep each other safe and well. This great achievement has been recognised by all of your adults at Leighton and we will ensure this is acknowledged on your return to school.

If you are in Year 6, I know you are worried that you may never return to Leighton to say goodbye to everyone. It’s not easy for you at all, as we cannot say for sure at this time if and when you will be able to celebrate your primary school years together. Although we don’t have any answers yet, as we need to wait for more guidance from the Government about schools, we will ensure that we put our heads together and think carefully about possibilities for recognising all of the school achievements during your time at Leighton. Although I cannot promise anything at this stage and certainly can’t say if it will be in school before July, we won’t forget to put something in place for you. I know the Year 6 team are brainstorming some possible ideas and we will contact you about your ‘celebrations’ once we know a little more.

We have had lots of positive comments about the workbooks that you received two weeks ago now. Lots of you feel that you are working in a more familiar way to how you learn at school now you have books to write in. We hope that you are managing to spend some time on the workbooks or your ‘on line’ learning tasks each day and have now been able to produce a timetable that fits in with your parents’ commitments as well. The teachers have all sent an email and letter to your parents asking them to tell us what your home school timetable looks like as this will be slightly different for every household and will depend on your parents keeping busy with doing their jobs at home and how many brothers and sisters you have as well. Please can we encourage you to sit with your parents and let the teachers know what your home learning looks like and then we can help you out if you are facing any difficulties. Yes - we are checking up on you as well………….we are teachers after all and we haven’t lost our teacher ‘bossy’ ways too much during the lockdown!! After all it is our job to keep chasing you up on your learning but it’s important that you let us know if you are struggling as we just want to help in any way that we can. Equally we really enjoy seeing what you have achieved whilst at home, whether this be academic, creative, sports related or a new life skill that you want to share with us.

School life is still very busy as your teachers are now planning for the next stage of your learning. We have had to make several plans based upon you being in school or continuing to stay at home until the end of term. It’s a little more confusing than usual, given that even Mrs Sutton cannot even control what’s happening in our school right now which, can I add, I do find slightly frustrating………..Your adults will tell you that I like things to go my way a lot of the time so that’s probably my biggest challenge for now!!! Anyway, we are always thinking ahead and ensuring that we as adults are doing some home learning as well so that we can become better thinkers and keep our brains fresh and activated. You will be blown away by our new knowledge, I’m sure when you return – watch out we will be on fire!!!

In terms of your teachers and adults the ‘hot topic ‘of the week has been ‘hair’ would you believe. We are all now realising that our 6 week hair appointments are due and it’s not going to end well……… The braver ones amongst us are crossing over our teaching skills to those a hairdresser would have acquired so it’s a risk and there may be some crazy haircuts to watch out for!!!! Luckily, we have measurements and angles on the Maths curriculum so teachers and adults are relying heavily on their knowledge of this area of the curriculum to ensure that their fringes will look ok!!! I’m not so sure so I’m just continuing to grow mine and hoping my curls go longer rather than outwards otherwise I’ve got a problem on my hands. Mr Corleys has invested in the ‘baseball cap’ look to hide his golden locks and take on the sporty youthful look. Miss Harris, Miss Guilfoyle and Miss S may have to waiver their exceptionally high ‘hair standards’ slightly and look like the rest of us do for a while!!!! I have heard a few teachers and adults talk very anxiously about their roots and grey hair showing but I’m definitely not in a position to name those people but I’d look out for the experiments around hair dyes and colourings. Finally – Mr Moore and Mr Hilton – we will see what happens……………..this may be a positive for them!!!! We may have to leave the staff photographs for a while on the return to school although it may make the school website look entertaining……….

Finally, Mrs Sanders has decided to retire after 14 years working as a Teaching Assistant at Leighton. I can honestly say that Mrs Sanders has shown such passion for making all of the children’s lives that she has worked with at Leighton, the very best that she can and is one of the hardest workers that I have ever known. Mrs Sanders is always in work early preparing resources and stays late each night to make sure the classroom and leaning resources are ready for you each day. We tell her to pack up and go home but this is where she has very selective hearing and just carries on regardless!! Mrs Sanders is always the first to volunteer to help out at school events. Mrs Sanders has a fantastic phonics knowledge and her teaching of phonics is the very best. Mrs Sanders will always be known for her creative and imaginative wall displays and is often seen with a ruler, stapler and a pair of scissors in her hand - again late in the evening as she insists in making the school look fantastic for you all. It is with such sadness that we have to say good bye to her now but I think Mrs Sanders needs to take a well-deserved rest and spend some time with her husband and family. I’m sure you will continue to see Mrs Sanders around the community as this is where she has lived for some time now and I am sure this has added to the commitment she has shown in everything that she does for our school. I know that Miss Guilfoyle will be in touch very soon to let you know how we can celebrate and thank Mrs Sanders for everything she has done for our school.

It’s time to say goodbye for now but I’ve really enjoyed speaking to you all again. I cannot express how much I miss you all and hope to see you all again soon. For now, we must all stay at home with our families and keep looking after each other. Be good!!! Keep Busy!! Don’t forget to let your teachers know how you are getting on as well………..

Speak soon

Mrs Sutton