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Leighton Primary School

Reopening of the school – Reception, Year 1 and Year 6

Dear Parents/Carers.

I am writing to you all in response to the news that the Prime Minister announced on Sunday evening with regards to primary schools reopening from June 1st. I am sure that you all have mixed feelings about this news and therefore I wanted to share the school’s own early thoughts with regards to our own planning to try and eliminate some of the concerns that I’m sure you have right now. 

As I am sure you can understand, this is very new for us as a school and we still have many questions which we are hoping to get clarified as the weeks progress. All school are very different and our own planning takes into consideration the size of the school, our classroom capacity and indeed the staff we have available. At the heart of all of the decisions we finally make will be the safety and wellbeing of your children and indeed the knock-on effect this has on their families at home. Our own staff health also remains priority as I know you will all appreciate.

I wanted to ensure that I was open and honest with you at this stage with how we plan to open our school again for the pupils identified by the PM as being the priority for being first back into school. These being Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.

Please see below our initial thoughts for allowing the identified children back into school:

  • The children will be taught in small groups. We intend to use all of the classroom spaces for the three-year groups that will return to school first.
  • Reception children will be based in the Reception classes, Year 2 classrooms and the IT suite.
  • Year 1 Children will be based in the Year 1 classrooms and the Year 3 classrooms.
  • Year 6 children will use the Year 6 base and the Year 5 classrooms along with the library and intervention classroom.
  • The children will be split into small teaching groups. This will be organised dependent on the children’s learning and emotional and social needs. The class teachers, who know the children best will group the children.
  • The children will be based in one of the classrooms we have set out for the year group. There will be one teacher and a TA to support that group. The adults and children will stay within their own group during the school day,
  • Including breaks and lunchtimes. We will not mix the children together and the adults will stay socially distant within their teaching groups. This is to minimise any risk or spread of possible infection
  • The children may not have the teacher/support adult they are familiar with. Due to the health and safety guidelines, this is a necessity and cannot be avoided during this time.
  • We will do our best to ensure that children with an EHC Plan have a familiar adult working with them but this may not be a definite and will depend on the most effective way in which we can use our adults dependent on their own teaching experience.
  • The children who have stayed in school during this period – our key worker children and vulnerable children that are in Years 2,3,4 and 5 will continue to attend school. They will be in the Year 4 classrooms with two teachers and a HLTA.
  • The children will eat their lunch in the classrooms. The lunches will be delivered to them by the dinner staff. Again, this is to avoid unnecessary movement around the school.
  • We are fortunate that our classrooms have their own toilets and cloakrooms to allow for the children to stay within their own bases.
  • We will arrange a staggered start and finish time for the different year groups so that we prevent large crowds outside the classrooms and on our playground.
  • We will request that our parents support the social distancing guidelines by quickly dropping off the children at the allocated point of entry and collecting from the allocated areas. Communication with teachers will have to be through email and not at the classroom door. If you have an urgent safeguarding worry then you will be able to wait at the allocated office area to speak directly to myself.
  • The cleaning regime will be tightened even more. Cleaners will be working in the school three times a day to allow for the classrooms to have strict hygiene procedures.
  • The children will have staggered playtimes so that they remain in their base groupings. The teachers and support adults will be supervising the children both during the lunchtime and playtimes. This again restricts people mixing across the school. We will do out upmost best to keep the children socially distant outside but as we have found with the children we have in school now, this is very challenging. We will treat the classroom group as a unit and

therefore, it will only be these children that come together on the playground.

  • We will continue to deliver lunches to the children that are not in school and are entitled to deprivation FSM. This will be carried out by our lunchtime staff and the staff that are currently not able to work in the school environment due to health reasons.
  • Teachers will continue to provide distant learning materials for those children who are not in school.

Please can I reiterate that the points above are our first stages of planning. We have only had information that has been delivered by the PM at this point and so may be subject to change in the next few weeks. I am attending a Local Authority headteachers meeting this Friday so I will be able to have clarification on the  many questions  that we as a staff still have.


Attached to this letter is a questionnaire that will would be extremely grateful if you could complete. Please be honest with us as this will support our planning for the children’s return to school and will further maximise keeping your children safe and well. Please could you return the questionnaires directly to me through email:

Please could all questionnaires be returned to me by Thursday 14th May at the latest so I can take any concerns that our parents have to the Headteacher meeting on Friday. Prompt return will also support our own planning and the safe return of the children back to school.

Thank you for all of your continued support

Kind Regards

Hayley Sutton


Please see the website link for the Government Guidance for re-opening schools