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Leighton Primary School

Reopening of the school – Parent Confirmation

Dear Parents/Carers

Thank you to all those parents that emailed over their “Return to School” questionnaires to
me. This information has been very helpful indeed and supported our initial planning to
ensure that we can optimise the health and safety of those children returning to school.
The teachers are using the training days on Monday and Tuesday to re-evaluate the
teaching bubbles in light of all the updates we have had from the Government and the Local
Authority since we sent the questionnaires out a couple of weeks ago. We appreciate that
some of these announcements may have influenced your decision making and we
understand that you may have had a change of mind.

I am now asking if you could email me over the weekend to give us a definite decision as to
whether you will be sending your children back to us when we reopen next week. We are
still planning for this to be on Wednesday. Please email me direct at:

We have worked hard to ensure that our Risk Assessment and planning can be put in place
with the health and safety of the children at the heart of our decision making but due to the
specific instructions and guidance within it , we will not be able to take any extra children
back who do not start with us next week once we reopen.

I hope that you appreciate that this decision has been made to ensure we can secure a safe
environment within each of the teaching bubbles.
If you decide not to send your child to school once we reopen then we will have our second-
round intake into school from Monday 15 th June. A further letter will come out with regards
to this.

I would really appreciate it, if you could email me by Monday morning at the very latest as
teachers and staff are meeting to finalise the bubbles. Unfortunately, once this has been set
we will be unable to change the bubbles and have new children join the school until
Monday 15 th June.

You only need to email me if your child is in Reception, Year 1, Year 6 or they are in the Key
Worker and Vulnerable group.
Thank you for your continued support
Hayley Sutton