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Leighton Primary School

Confirmation of Reopening

Dear Parents/Carers

I am pleased to inform you all that our Risk Assessment has been approved by the Local Authority and this means we can re-open our school tomorrow (Wednesday 3rd June)

It is important to note that the school is only open for those children that have been allocated a space and returned the email of confirmation to me yesterday (1st June) by the deadline time of 11am.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to allow children who haven’t been counted in our numbers to school. Please do not turn up at school with your child if you haven’t had a confirmed space given to you. The staff will ask you to return home with your child.

As I am sure you can appreciate the Risk Assessment has been a challenging document to write given the new way in which schooling will happen for the foreseeable future. We would please ask that any instructions you have been given by the teachers must be adhered to so that we can take your child into school.

I would ask that you check the health of your child before you bring them to school to ensure they are not displaying any symptoms of COVID 19. Staff have been instructed not to allow the child into school if they are displaying any symptoms and they will be sent home immediately if they do show any symptoms once in school.

Please see attached the information leaflet with regards to the COVID 19 Symptoms that you need to check for each morning.

If any child or adult does display symptoms whilst in school then the teaching unit will be closed down whilst we seek Public Health advice. You will be advised to come and collect your child immediately.

Please remember that we are opening our school up in very different circumstances and I must ask that you are contactable at all times. If your child does show symptoms of COVID 19 or becomes unwell then we must be assured that you will be able to immediately come to the school and collect your child.  You could be putting the health of those other children and staff at risk if we cannot contact you.

Please can I ask that Social Distancing is adhered to outside of the school gates and that you follow the signs and instructions provided. All of the children have been allocated an entry/exit gate and we will only take the children into school through their designated route.

I have been informed by the Local Authority that if parents do not adhere to social distancing then we can refuse to take the child into school. Again, please ensure that you take note of the entry and collection times for you child. If you have more than one child in the school then you will be asked to follow the different times and entry and exit points for each individual child. You must make sure social distancing is followed whilst waiting for your different children to be dropped off and collected outside of the school.

You will have received an information letter from your child’s year leader which points out the arrangements for school. Please ensure that you email the if you have any further questions or concerns.

As stated in previous letters, the school office will be closed to parents. Communication must be done through phone calls and emails now.

We are now working with a reduced staff. However, all teaching units have a Teacher and a TA with your child throughout the school day. Due to teachers not be able to mix with other bubbles, we will not be able to open a unit on the day that any staff member is absent from work. You will be notified by text and email at 7am so you have the opportunity to make alternative arrangements. Please check your texts and emails each morning

I appreciate that this is very different and challenging experience for us all and I can assure you that we have worked hard to ensure that school arrangements have been made with the children’s welfare at the very heart of all our thinking. We will spend time supporting the children through this new process and addressing their worries and concerns. Please ensure that you talk through the arrangements with your child so they have a clearer understanding of what to expect at school tomorrow

The good news is that we are still the same staff with the same values and sense of humour and will do everything we can to ensure your children feel happy and safe tomorrow. I appreciate it is daunting and scary for the children but with an established routine in place we are hopeful they will feel a lot more confident by the end of their first day back.

Please do feel free to provide the school with feedback and if there is anything you would like us to consider, I am more than happy for you to email me.

Thank you to all of those parents that have emailed us throughout this period of time. Your feedback has been so positive and reassuring and we can’t thank you enough as for all of your support.

I look forward to welcoming  our families back tomorrow and feel excited to be able to see some of our children once again .

Kind Regards

Hayley Sutton