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Leighton Primary School

First days back and Pupil numbers

Dear Parents/Carers

We have been really impressed with the fantastic attitude that our children have returned to school with. They have quickly adapted to their new teaching bubbles and followed new classroom procedures exceptionally well. We are reviewing our plans daily and addressing any small issues that occur but I am pleased to report that we are managing the Risk Assessment effectively.

I would like to thank parents for working with us to ensure that entry and exit times to the school all run smoothly. I know that for some of you, there are several different times to remember and this has made your morning very busy indeed but your cooperation has been much appreciated. I am also extremely grateful to you all for replying to the email regarding booking a school place for your child as this meant we were well prepared for Wednesdays reopening.

We have welcomed 108 of our children back into the school and it has been truly lovely to see them again. Many of our children have grown taller and look healthy and well after having some great family time in the sunshine and playing in your gardens.

We are now at the point where we need to assess the numbers for a possible second intake on 15th June. We have a small number of children that have been allocated a space but not returned to school. If we do not have the children in again tomorrow (Friday5th June) we will unfortunately have to let the space go as we have parents requesting spaces now and we feel this is only fair to other families. If you haven’t sent your child back this week but there is a reason as to why this has happened then please let me know so we can keep the place free.

Letters will be sent next week regarding the possible second intake for the 15th June.

Kind Regards

Hayley Sutton