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Leighton Primary School

8th - 12th February

Welcome to Year 4’s home learning.  

Welcome to the fifth week of Year 4’s home learning.  Your work for each day will be loaded below. Just click on the link for each day.

This week there will be a few live lessons:

Wednesday: 10:15 Swordfish Reading         10:00 Ms Brodie's Maths Group.      11:30 Marlin Reading

Friday 10:00 Marlin Maths.      11:00 Swordifsh Maths        11:00 Ms Brodie's Maths Group

You can do your work in a number of different ways:

1:  in the exercise book that we delivered a few weeks ago.  If you are running out of space in your book, then another one can be picked up at the school office. 

2:  On a computer or tablet.  You could use a word document for each day, or a powerpoint, and add all of your work into one place.  Then at the end of the day, you could email this to us. You could even make a copy of this presentation, and then type your answers onto it, and then email it to us.

3:  Some people have used google docs, which is similar to Word, to type up their work. This can then be shared with the year 4 team by clicking on Share, and then typing our email address (below). We can mark these on your work.

4:  Use a snipping tool (You can download these for free from the internet if you don't already have one on your device.)  These mean you can take a photo of part of the Home Learning PDFs below, and then copy them onto a Word document or a powerpoint, and then write over them.  This way, you can do all your work from one day in one place, and then email it to us at the end of the day.  It may save you time copying things out.

5:  You can always take photos of any work that you have done, and email them to us.

Try to get as much done as you can.  If you get stuck, or need more help, send us an email and we will get back to you.