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Leighton Primary School

After school Math Provision

Here at Leighton Primary school we strongly believe that our children are entitled to the very best teaching and learning provision to enable them to reach their true potential. Sometimes this means that the children require additional work to their everyday classroom learning. Our teachers are fully committed to providing appropriate extra support on a regular basis and outside of school hours to extend learning opportunities and challenge children in Maths and English. The children are selected for before and after school learning based on their need against the year group curriculum expectations. The additional group work provides the children with high quality teaching from the classroom teacher, in small groups, to enhance understanding and give our children the opportunity to make the very best progress they can.


Year 6

Tuesday - Maths (after school)

Year 5

Tuesday - Maths (after school)

Year 4

Monday- Maths (after school)

Year 3

Monday- Maths (after school) x 2 groups

Year 2 

Tuesday - Maths club (after school)

Year 1


Tuesday - Maths Club (after school)