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Leighton Primary School

Anti - Bullying

Anti Bullying

There are times when children can be mean to others and this will be dealt with quickly by the school. We do encourage our children to tell an adult if they feel that someone is making them unhappy in school whether this be through verbal or physical means. If this continues then it will be dealt with as a bullying issue and will be taken to the attention of Mrs Sutton. The issue will be investigated thoroughly and will be dealt with extremely seriously if we find that bullying has taken place. Parents will be informed of both the victim and the child who has been bullying .

If your child is coming home and they feel unhappy because of the way that another child is treating them at school this must be reported to the class teacher in the first instance and if it continues then pleases report directly  to Mrs Sutton so that it can be dealt with .

We are against bullying at our school and take it very seriously. Here are some helpful links about bullying. If you are concerned about a bullying situation we encourage you and children to speak to a member of staff as soon as possible. At Leighton we support anti-bulying week.