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Leighton Primary School

Behaviour, Anti-Bullying and Exclusion Policies 


At Leighton Primary School we expect the highest standards of behaviour from all of the children. This is reinforced through good adult role models and the teaching of our Leighton behaviour expectations. As a school we positively reinforce high standards of behaviour consistently and   the children are very clear about our school rules. Children actively become part of the process of producing our school rules and values to support the understanding and purpose of having  them. We use consistent behaviour rewards and sanctions throughout the school so the children are clear on the school expectations and consequences.  All of our visitors that come to Leighton comment on the 'overwhelming' number of children that show exemplary behaviour through their learning attitudes and the interaction they have with others in the school and in the community . We are extremely proud of the behaviour at Leighton and pride ourselves on this .

On occasions we do have to deal with behaviour that we do not accept at our school. We will work with the child to support them in realising the consequences of inappropriate behaviour and making future  better behaviour choices. 

Most of the inappropriate behaviour that we see at Leighton is low level and can be dealt with quickly and effectively by the class teacher.  The Class Teacher will work with the child and parents to support the issues to address them quickly and effectively  . Our sanctions for inappropriate behaviour are consistent throughout the school and the children understand the consequences for displaying behaviour that we do not expect or will condone in school. 

At times class teachers will need to refer behavior incidents to the Phase Leaders where conversations will be had with the child and parents to resolve an ongoing pattern of behaviour concerns. If this persists then Mrs Ward will become involved and further conversations had with the child and parents to seek further actions to resolve the behaviour concerns .This can sometimes include the support of external agencies .

When the behaviour involves bullying or violence or refusal towards an adult then Mrs Ward will become involved immediately and she will decide upon the appropriate action to take in line with our behaviour policy. Mrs Ward may on occasion feel the need to give a fixed term exclusion.This is usually where violence is involved and risks the safety and well being of another child or adult in the school. Please find attached our behavior policy which outlines the criteria for fixed term pupil exclusion. Where a fixed term exclusion is given by Mrs Ward, the parents are informed immediately and offered a meeting with Mrs Ward to explain in more detail the event or events that lead up to the fixed term exclusion . Mrs Ward will also inform The Chair of Governors immediately of the fixed term exclusion . 

It is in very rare circumstances and where all other avenues of support have been explored and tried that we may feel the child has to be put forward for a permanent exclusion from our school.  Mrs Ward will follow the Peterborough City Council guidance on permanent exclusions and will work with the Governing Body to enforce this decision .