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Leighton Primary School


Each class watched a short video to introduce the artist George Seurat. 

We looked at some examples of his pointillism style art. I explained to the children that we were going to be artists like Seurat and create our own picture. We looked at some photos we took at Ferry Meadows lake . We talked about what we could see in the picture . Trees, water, sky and some swans with a narrow boat to one side. 

I then demonstrated to the children to make the dot pattern like Seurat did we were going to use a cotton ear bud to dip into the paint. 

First we blocked parts of the paper into blocks to divide the sky, trees and water. We used appropriate colours for each part of our painting. The children used the ear buds to dip into the paint and then fill each block on their paper with each colour. They were encouraged to fill in all the spaces.

Later on in the week the children cut out a boat and a sail to add to their painting. They used scissors to cut out their shape .