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Leighton Primary School

EYFS - Curriculum expectations

Most of the children at Leighton enter reception working in the 30-50 months band in all areas of learning. Due to different rates of development some children come in below and above this. The government expect children to be working at ELG Early Learning Goal at the end of the year and class this as the age related expectation in terms of achievement.
Children who achieve ELG or above (exceeding) at the end of the foundation year in the Prime areas (Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development) and Specific areas (Literacy: Reading and Writing, Mathematics: Number and Shape, Space and Measures) are classed as having achieved a Good Level of Development (GLD). Children with a GLD have a solid foundation for future learning and development as they move into Year 1 and begin studying the National Curriculum.
The Government published a document for parents called '4 Children Parents Guide' to guide them in supporting their children through the stages of development towards the Early Learning Goals.