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Leighton Primary School


Please follow BBC Bitesize or Oak National Academy daily lessons. We will add additional activities that link into the teaching of both and I will also add a range of tasks, lessons, activities that you can complete alongside these lessons.

Famous authors are presenting daily 10 minute writing challenges for you to have a go at please see this link for more info:

Writing Setting Descriptions:

The BBC lessons look at writing setting descriptions this week. When you are writing an effective description, you really want the reader to create a vivid image in their mind of the scene. Unlike the movies where everything is visual, you have to show the reader what you want them to see with your choice of words and sentence structure.  Think about writing for all the senses not just what can be seen. The BBC lessons will cover some features of  setting writing and I have added some worksheets and resources to help.

Personification: Is an example of figurative (not literal) language when you describe an animal, plant or object with human abilities, movements, traits and characteristics.  E.g. The leaves danced and swayed along with the gentle breeze. New York is the city that never sleeps. It is really useful in describing settings and in poetry.  

Relative Clauses:  clauses that add additional information about a noun within the sentence using a relative pronouns such as: who, which, whom, that etc... A relative clause is an example of a subordinate clause (dependent) and can also be an embedded clause if it is positioned in the middle of a main clause (independent).  E.g. I used Zoom, which is an online video conference app, for the first time last week. 

BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson: Personification.

BBC Daily Lessons: Relative Clauses:

BBC Super Movers; Videos to dance along to and you may even learn something too!