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Leighton Primary School

European Day of Languages

This day aims to promote the rich linguistic diversity of Europe and raise awareness of the importance of lifelong language learning for everyone.

The children enjoyed taking part in different activities, covering all parts of the curriculum, whilst learning about the importance of language and language learning. 

We were also amazed by the wealth of languages spoken by children and their families in our school!

Year 1 As a class we learnt information about the country Spain, this included where it is on a map, the capital, what the climate is like and food that is eaten there. We shared what is the ‘same’ and ‘different’ about Spain and the country we live in. We had a look at famous places that tourists visit when in Spain and what Spanish people enjoy doing. After the input, we took part in a variety of activities to help us celebrate our chosen country. We made Spanish flags, learnt the names of colours in Spanish to colour in a rainbow and learnt some Spanish words. The children enjoyed taking part in the activities and celebrated the occasion by wearing red and yellow!

Year 2 explored Italy! We learnt lots of facts about the country including famous landmarks, foods, people and greetings. We then looked closely at a famous Italian artist named Amedio Modigliani. He was born in 1884, travelled to Rome, Florence and Venice to study art and was famous for his portraits featuring elongated necks. Some of the children in our class were able to teach us some Italian phrases and we enjoyed answering the register in Italian!

Year 3 really enjoyed the different activities throughout European languages day. We kick started our celebration of France by learning a French rap, and how to count to 10. We challenged ourselves further by reading numbers written in French and matched them to the numerals. To gain a better idea of some of the famous landmarks around the country we researched popular tourist attractions and plotted them out on a map. We particularly enjoyed looking at photos of Disneyland Paris! To finish our day we listened to French nursery rhymes and the story Madeline.

Year 4  had great fun doing lots of Italian activities. Did you know that the white stripe in the Italian flag represents the snow covered mountains called the Alps? We also learnt to count to ten in Italian and then we made masks. These were Venetian party masks, so had to be brightly coloured and have lots of decoration on them. People in Venice (a city in Italy) used to wear the masks as a disguise. We hope you like looking at the photographs of our masks.

Year 5 have been learning about Portugal and the language of portuguese. They found Portugal using maps and atlases and discussed its location in relation to key geographic features such as the equator. Portugese speakers in the year group helped the children to learn phrases and greetings and we also used online sources to find out the names of body parts and fruits in the language. Later in the day, we found out about why the portugese flag includes the colours of red and green and we talked about our experiences of the country. Alongside this, we read 'The Legend of the Rooster' and it was here that we were able to learn all about why the rooster is symbolic to Portugal. To remember our exciting learning, we made our own rooster and took these home to share with our families.

In Year 6, we celebrated the European Day of Languages by learning a little bit of the Greek language. We came to school dressed in white and blue, like the colours of the Greek flag. We learned how to greet each other and how to introduce yourself. Numbers were fun to learn as they were completely different to English, we counted up to ten then created numbers cards. We also looked at Greek traditional clothing then had a go at dressing up paper dolls.