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Leighton Primary School

Fun Activities

It's important to have fun and keep children feeling happy. Here are some ideas you might wish to try.  New ideas will often be added so please keep checking this page. 

Remember that you can send us photos of your activities to share on the website. It would be great to see them! 

Singing and Dancing 

Let off some steam with these fun songs and dances from CBeebies.

Sing songs and Nursery Rhymes

Animal dance and freeze

Myleene Klass teaches music lessons. ​​ 

Yoga and Meditation can help children to relax and stay calm. Cosmic Kids Yoga channel on YouTube has free videos aimed at children aged 3+.

Music Making 

Music, singing and activities:

Things to Make 

Make a sock puppet. Can you make it talk to your family? You can use this link or design your own. 

Make some playdough. This is a simple recipe using ingredients you might already have at home. There is a video to show you what to do.  If you don't have food colouring, make white dough. Use your hands to make shapes and models with the dough.  

Make some salt dough using only 3 ingredients. The dough will need cooking after it has been modelled and shaped. After the dough has cooled it can be painted or you could colour it with felt tips.

If you want to be an astronaut, make a space helmet from a cardboard box.

Make a snapping crocodile with a peg. Use a green felt tip to colour the peg if you haven't got paint, and draw your own eyes. You could sing 'Row Row Row Your Boat..' when it is finished 'and don't forget to scream!'

Make some gloop and enjoy sensory play. 

Drawing and Painting

5 minute drawing, painting and printing ideas

Write a number from 1 up to 9 then turn it into a drawing of an animal! 

How to draw a T-Rex 

Challenges (Below)

100 things to do indoors

Lego challenges