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Leighton Primary School

Handwriting v w x z 4.5.20


I hope you and your child are getting on well with handwriting. I would love to see your child's handwriting so please put photos of it on Tapestry or send it to and I will send you a message back. If you need help or have any questions, please also get in touch. 

Here are some warm up ideas to make sure the muscles in your child’s shoulders, arms and hands are ready to write.

Please do this robot dance which is all about moving the body in straight lines which links to our letters which we will practise this week. Your child will know this dance as we have used it in school. It’s good fun!

Choose 1 or 2 hand exercises from these ideas. 

Finger ball walk. You need a ball about the size of a tennis ball or smaller. Sit down on the floor with your legs out straight and together in front of you. Put the ball at the top of one leg and use only your index and middle finger and thumb to walk the ball down to your feet, then walk it back up again. Make sure the 2 little fingers are tucked into the palm. Scroll down this web page to find photos of this activity.

Hand dancing to ‘This Old Man’ tune

If you have play dough or something to squash like a soft ball or small soft toy,  you could use it to exercise to ‘I like to...’

Ask your child to make a bridge with their body. Place hands under shoulders and legs stretched out and toes curled under, push up so the arms are straight and strong. Can you roll a car under the bridge whilst your child holds their shape? Can they hold the bridge shape for a count of 5?

Practise letter shapes in the air

Week 3 – Recap c o a d g q s f e by writing one of each letter. Say the rhyme for each letter and write the letter in the air before you write on paper if your child needs extra practise.  

Watch all letters being written correctly on this film. Write the letters in the air.

Look at these letters v w x z to see where to start each letter (look for the pencil) and say the rhymes with your child so they know which direction to move in. Make the letter shapes in the air as you practise saying the letter rhymes.


Practise writing the letters. Use pencils, pens, chalk on the pavement or crayons. Or sprinkle a thin layer of flour on a tray or table and practise the letters in this using your finger or a cotton bud or the blunt end of a pencil.   

Next draw lines for your child to write on. Show them how v w x z all sit on the line.  

If your child’s writing is big, draw 2 lines for them to write the letters between. Make them a little bit smaller than their letters are now to help them write a little smaller.

When the letters are written correctly every time, write some words with these letters such as zoo, we, vet, six. Make sure all the other letters are written correctly too.

Encourage your child to take their time to write correctly and neatly.