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Leighton Primary School


The Maya Civilisation: Religion and Gods.

Key/New Words:
civilisation, sacrifice, worship, bloodletting,
ritual, Xibalba, upperworld.

A Central Belief System: Read the information about Maya religious beliefs. Does this make you think of any other religious belief systems or civilisations?

Religious Rituals: Read the information. Can you match up the rituals to their purposes?

Blood Letting: Read the information on this and the following slides about priests, festivals and the Maya
world.  What are the different aspects of Maya religion and how and why it was important to the Maya civilisation?

Maya Gods: Read the information about Maya gods and the following six slides. Please take notes
about the gods – names and meanings, appearances and other facts or features to help you with your
independent task.

God Fact-Files: Use your notes to complete a fact-file containing information about some of the
Maya gods using the Maya Gods Fact-File Activity Sheet. You could also research additional facts in
information books or on the internet.

Extension: complete the Maya Gods Quiz.