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Leighton Primary School


These are the ICT skills that children are required to learn in each Key Stage which can be seen below:  

Early Years:

In ICT in Reception we teach the children to use ICT in a safe way. We model to the children how to use iPads and to be able to use simple programs. Children learn how to take pictures and videos of their learning and each other within the classroom. We focus on teaching children directions in order to program a Bee Bot to move. We use technology in teaching inputs to model how we can use the internet to find information out and what it can be used for. The children use the iPads to help with Phonics, Literacy and Maths by having access to apps that can enable them to progress with their learning. Towards Summer term we start preparing children for the transition to Year 1 by allowing children to experience laptops to type simple sentences and their names.



Can understand algorithms, abstraction and logic within a simple computer programme. Can create and debug simple programmes. Use technology purposely to create, organise and manipulate digital content. Can analysis computer problems in order to solve simple problems. Can apply information into technology to solve problems. To recognise information technology beyond school.



Design, write and debug programmes including control physical systems for example a remote control car. Uses sequence and repetition in programmes with various forms of input and output. To explain simple algorithms to detect errors. How the internet works, what the world wide web is and how results are selected and ranked within digital content for example searching in Google. Can combine a variety of software on a range of digital devices to analyse and present data and information. Use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly and identify different ways to report concerns. 


 The aim is for children to be competent, creative users of technology.  

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