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Leighton Primary School

Junior Leadership Team 

The JLT was selected through a rigorous election process. Firstly, candidates had to submit a manifesto to their class teacher detailing why exactly they would be a good JLT and what they hope to achieve in the role. The class teacher then proposed the most suitable candidates from these to the rest of the class, who then had to vote on them.

The JLT people were chosen for their honesty, friendliness, and general happy vibes.

The first suggestion the JLT has implemented are suggestion boxes which can be found in every year group. This is for children to write down any ideas they have for improving the school.

The JLT are also responsible for being playground buddies and will man the friendship stops when they arrive. 

Summer Term Update


The JLT have been busy with their day to day jobs during the summer term: manning the friendship bench, listening to feedback from their peers, and showing visitors around the school.


Mrs Sutton asked the JLT to help at the new parent’s evening for the children starting reception in September. They did a fantastic job showing people around, serving food and answering some questions. Four very brave children even wrote their own presentation about life at Leighton and delivered it with loud, clear voices. What fantastic ambassadors for the school we have!


Enjoying a picnic lunch with Mrs Sutton and Miss Brodie was another highlight of the term. The JLT got to have a discussion with Mrs Sutton sharing ideas on improving the school. They have already started looking forward to the next school year.


The JLT have been invited to another SLT meeting to update the senior leadership team on their progress this school year and to share their aims and thoughts for the next academic year. The JLT have had a very successful first year improving school life and we look forward to seeing what they can achieve next year.

Spring Term 1 Newsletter

The JLT have been really busy since being elected. They have thrown themselves into their roles within the school, as well as attending various meetings.

SLT meeting

The JLT met with the SLT and discussed lots of their fantastic ideas and issues brought to their attention. It was agreed that the bouncy castle should be used for attendance treat, a stage for the playground would be their main focus of fundraising, and that playground rules needed to be readdressed. This led to a meeting with Mrs Bull, who is in charge of all the lunchtime supervisors, who agreed with the new rules. These were then presented in assembly.

Break times

The friendship bench has been delivered and every break time you will find a JLT being ready to be a good friend to anyone who needs one. They are easy to spot with their JLT jackets!


The JLT felt as a school we should participate in Children in Need; we had a non-uniform day and an incredible cake sale which combined raised over £500! Wow! Thank you so much for your support.

Tour guides and helping!

The JLT have been busy showing new parent’s around, serving refreshments at the nativity production and acting as guides for parent’s evening. Lots of comments were made of how friendly and polite they have been.

The Term Ahead

We are looking forward to the term ahead with another SLT meeting, more fundraising ideas and other activities planned.

New term focus –more money—bag packing/cake sales/ slt meeting

October Newsletter information

Meet your JLT!

The new JLT was announced at the end of September after a thorough election process. Potential candidates had to submit their manifestos to their class teacher who then put forward the

candidates who had impressed them the most. The class then voted and the winners had to wait a week to find out the

results. There is a JLT from each class from year 2 all the way up to year 6. You can see our photos on the JLT noticeboard or identify us from our new turquoise badges that we are wearing with pride.

Our Aims:

The main aim of the JLT is to help improve the school. They will be doing this in lots of different ways:

Þ Represent the school at a range of events

Þ Be a friend to everyone in school

Þ Communicate and action improvement ideas to the SLT

Big Meeting!

We are attending our first SLT meeting on Thursday 19th

October and will report back to the school. We will be sharing some initial improvement ideas and are looking forward to seeing how decisions about the school are made.

Don’t forget if you have any ideas, pop them in your ideas post box in your classroom or speak to a JLT member!


JLT Jackets 

The JLT have now got Jackets to wear at break and lunch times so the other children can identify them and talk to them if they are feeling lonely or unhappy about anything. 


Children in Need - November 2017

The JLT organised a cake sale and non-uniform day for Children in Need. The total raised was £513.12. Well done to everyone for taking part and making donations.