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Leighton Primary School

Language Ambassadors

Language Ambassadors

Cześć, ciao, bonjour, sveiki, hello!

We are the Leighton Language Ambassadors. Our families come from many different countries and cultures. We can speak lots of different languages and use our skills across the school to help children who speak English as a second language. We are buddies for children who are new to our school, we translate for teachers and we help to promote learning about language and different cultures across the school.

Friday 28th September - Ambassador's Receive Badges.

Congratulations to our new language ambassadors for this year. These children have been chosen to represent our school as great role models for our bilingual community.

"Today, we were awarded our ambassador badges in assembly by Mrs Sutton and we are looking forward to getting started with our first meeting next week."


Young Interpreters Training

We can’t wait to get started on our Young Interpreters training programme. More information to follow soon! We will be completing our Young Interpreters program and will become fully trained buddies. We will know how to help children who are new to our school and speak languages other than English. We will have lots of skills which we can bring to this role such as speaking different languages, good listening skills and being a friendly face at school. We will be helping to give tours when new children start at Leighton and checking they are settling in well.


Reading Buddies

Every Tuesday, we will be bilingual reading buddies for the Foundation Stage and KS1 children. We are matched up with a buddy or buddies who speak the same home language as us. We read stories in English and our home languages, talk about books and help develop a love of reading with the youngest children at our school. 

We also have some bilingual adults who come into school to read with us and talk about what we have read in our home languages. We really enjoy being able to speak about books in our home language and learn about the meaning of new words.


Wednesday 10th October - 'House of Feasts' Restaurant Visit

We visited the restaurant 'House of Feasts' in Eye, Peterborough which is run by head chef Damian Wawrzyniak. Damian was voted in the UK Top 10 Food Pioneers by BBC Good Food, selected as the first Polish chef to cook on the BBC with Mary Berry, served a traditional Polish feast to Prince William and Kate Middleton and was awarded a Knights Cross Award by the President of Poland for promoting Polish cuisine worldwide. We had such a great time - see our photos in the gallery!


Tuesday 30th October - Young Interpreters Training - Session One -ALL ABOUT ME!

In our meeting today, we thought about where we come from. What makes us, us? We completed 'All About Me' profiles and celebrated the similarities and differences between us all. We realised that although we are all different, we are all equal and that having our own individual personalities and cultures is so important.  See our 'All About Me' Gallery to find out more about us!


Tuesday 20th November - National Independence Day  (Poland)

In our ambassador meeting today, we celebrated all things Polish! This year, Poland is celebrating 100 years of independence and to mark this special occasion, the language ambassadors learnt about the history of Poland. We explored Polish culture, education and traditional dishes. We also learnt about the importance of conflict in Polish history.

Did you know ... 

  • Poland was once divided up between Russia, Germany and Austria. This meant that for 123 years, Poland did not exist as a country.
  • In 1918, after WW1, Poland became a country again and to celebrate this there is a public holiday every year on November 11th - the National Independence Day.
  • Poland's national symbol is the White Eagle.

To celebrate Poland's National Day of Independence, we decorated our very own Polish Flag biscuits. On the modern flag, white is said to represent the hope for peace by all of Poland's people, while red still recalls the symbolic reference to socialism from days gone by. See more photographs in our gallery.



Saturday 24th November - In The News!

This week, we have been in the local Newspaper for our Gold Quality Mark achievement award. See the full story here:

Monday 3rd December - In The News (Part 2!)

Today, a film crew and journalist from BBC Look East came to Leighton to interview the Language Ambassadors about their fantastic work that they do across the school! We will be featured on the news in a weeks time so look out for us on your TV!

Tuesday 4th December 2018 - Young Interpreter Training 

Today, in our ambassador training session we have created our own visual tour of the school. We have added pictures to a 'tour checklist' so that we can tick off the different parts of the school we show to our buddies on their tours. We can also give the photo tour to any new children that start at Leighton to help them out in their first few weeks at school. Today we have worked in pairs to think about important things to remember when we give a tour such as being kind, friendly and having a smile, speaking clearly and asking questions. See our photo tour checklist in the documents linked to this page.


Spring Term 1 - Bilingual Reading Buddies

This term, we have started our 'Reading Buddies' group with the Foundation Stage children.  Each Tuesday, we meet with our buddies and use our home languages as much as possible to talk and share stories.  The children love reading with us and we can help to develop their love of reading by speaking in both English and our home languages. 


We have a new group of ambassadors who are continuing the work of last year's children. We have already started our 'Young Interpreters' training and have buddied up with our Foundation Stage reading buddies ready to share stories and story tell in our home languages.