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Leighton Primary School


Lots of maths learning is happening all around us all of the time. This can range from counting the steps as your child goes to bed to comparing 2 objects saying that one of them is heavier than the other. There are lots of different areas of maths that interlink for example if you are weighing out ingredients you might say you need more or you have got too much while reading the numbers on the scales. There are a lot of different words that we need to learn to understand maths and it is important to also ask questions e.g. How do you know the answer is 6? Why do you think that it is a circle? to show that there is a solid understanding.

In Reception, Maths is divided into 2 areas - Number and Shape, Space and Measure.  Click on the Number and Shape, Space and Measure tabs for a list of the different areas of learning with some suggestions of possible practical activities which don’t involve printing things out. There are links to Numberblocks episodes specific to each areas of maths. Each episode is 5 minutes long and they are really good at helping to show numbers in different ways. There are more episodes which are worth watching too.  

For a full list of Numberblocks episodes go to

White Rose Maths are providing some great daily lesson plans based on storybooks. They have a video clip talking through the activities of the day and a PowerPoint with each of the slides explaining the activities.  


Recommended websites

This website has a range of practical activities to try.

This is a link to lots of maths games as well as access to Maths videos to explain maths concepts on Oxford Owl’s Youtube channel.

There are some short videos to explain maths concepts and near the bottom of the list there are some early years skills which give practical ideas like this one

Here is a parent's guide to maths including short films on the cbeebies website