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Leighton Primary School


Please continue to use your workbooks and complete 1 or 2 pages daily. If possible, please try to follow either the BBC Bitesize Daily lessons (timetable below) or Oak National Academy for daily maths lessons. These lessons will have activities that you can complete during the lesson links to White Rose maths.

I will upload tasks and resources to follow the online lessons and additional activities for you to complete if you would like to.

I have attached an Arithmetic test. It has answers at the end (try not to look at them before you have had a go!).

Some of the worksheets have answers at the end. Please try the work first and then use the answers to help you check your work :)

Remember, if you need any help, please email us on

BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson: Compare and Order Fractions

Fraction Challenge:

Fraction Work: Simplify (attached below too)

Fraction work: Compare and Order (attached below too)

Fraction work: Add and subtract fractions (attached below too)

Fraction work: Mixed addition and subtraction (attached below too)

Friday Bank Holiday Cooking Challenge: