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Leighton Primary School

Maths wb 6.7.20

There are daily lesson plan videos on  that have a focus on dinosaurs  this week.  There is a combination of work linked to pattern, addition,  numbers to 20, doubling, sharing and measure this week. You don't need to have a copy of the books although here are the links to some of the books mentioned as they are brilliant stories.

The dinosaur that pooped a planet

The dinosaur that pooped the past

Tyrannosaurus drip

Dinosaur roar!

Ten little dinosaurs

Here comes Harry with his bucketful of dinosaurs

Ten terrible dinosaurs

Please continue to choose some activities from the Number and Shape, Space and Measure sections for your child to complete.  They are practical activities that have been adapted so that they are suitable for home learning... and should be quite fun too hopefully! Please let us know how you get on by sharing it with us on Tapestry. 

In school this week the children are working on activities linked to being secure about odd and even numbers, noticing number pattersn linked to doubling and halving. You will find some of the activities and links to Numberblocks in the Number section.