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Leighton Primary School

Mrs Bird's Phonics Group

w.b. 13.7.20 

Hello and welcome to phonics for the week beginning 13th July!

So far your child has learnt all the Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds j v w x y z zz qu ch sh th ng ai ee oo (long and short) ar or ur ow oi ear air ure  er. 

Please keep showing your child the sounds everyday so they can practise saying the sounds to match the letters.

This week we are going to review all of the Phase 3 sounds.

*Practice reading and writing all of the Phase 3 sounds using

*Listen to the Jolly Phonics songs for phase three, The j sound is the beginning of Phase 3 and starts at 5 min 27 seconds, so you could start from here.

Lesson 1 –

 đź’«Teach: Todays focus is to review the digraphs and trigraphs. Play the Simply Phonics Splat the word video:

đź’«Practice: Practice making words with digraphs and trigraphs with magnetic letters or using the website

Eg. ship, quick, queen, dish, this, with, moth, thin, chat, rich. 

đź’«Apply: Can you use your Phonics to record the silly sentence in writing or electronically: Mark and Carl fight on the moon.


Lesson 2 -

đź’«Teach: Todays focus is to continue reviewing Phase three sounds. Practice writing these in the air/on your hand/in shaving foam or a thin layer of sugar, sand or flour in a tray, on a whiteboard or paper. Remember to consider where it falls on a line eg. is it a tall letter like t or a descender falling below a line like g.

đź’«Practice: Can you unscramble the words to match the pictures?  Or play Rocket Rescue on Phonicsplay

đź’«Apply: Read the Sentences (Week 7 Revision) on Phonicsplay


Lesson 3 -

đź’«Teach: Use the BBC Bitesize phoneme clips to re-learn any phonemes your child has found difficult in the review section of your phonics using the soundmat.

đź’«Practice: Can you write the captions to match the images: The small rat is so sad. He is in the park. She is feeling happy.

đź’«Apply: Can you write some news – you could include something you have done or make it silly eg. We went for a long walk.    Or      They are locked in the loo!


Lesson 4 -

đź’«Teach: Play Sentence Substitution on Phonicsplay – Discuss does it make sense? Is it a statement or Question? Does it have the correct punctuation: Capital letter/full stop?

✨Challenge Can you write a new sentence using some of the words?

Practice making words with digraphs and trigraphs with magnetic letters or using the website

Eg. rain, ring, leek, night, goat, moon, book, card, fork, turn, cow, coin, beard, chair.

đź’«Apply: BINGO - With a partner each write six different words with sounds in from the Phase 3 sound mat on a piece of paper and use this as a bingo card. Ask your grown up to choose phonic words from the sound mat at random - can you collect all your words before your partner?


You may also find free resources to view and print on to support learning by typing in the search bar the sound then the word phonics eg. ure phonics. The workbook, phoneme spotter stories and board games are all good.


• There are FREE Tongue Twisters on the Starfall website to practice phase 3 sounds and tricky words together as this has some difficult words but sounds very funny try Fuzzy Wuzzy and A wood Chuck. Learn them and try to read them faster and faster to build fluency. (Please turn the sound off so your child can read the words)

Thank you for your continued support.

Please like this observation on Tapestry as acknowledgement that you have received it. Thank you. Mrs Bird

Updated 16.7.2020

Tricky words session:

We have now spent time learning all the tricky words in Phase 3 so we will practise reading and writing them from now on. Children need to be able to read them straight away and write them down from memory.

The words are he she me be we are all her they my you was.

Sing the tricky word song and read the words on the screen.

Read words

Can you write out the Phase 3 tricky words they, you, all, are.

Challenge yourself to write sentences e.g. ‘You are all good.’ Or ‘Are they all for you?’ 

If your child can read and write all the Phase 3 words without any help, then they are ready to learn Phase 4.

Here is the Phase 4 tricky word song.  

Try reading the tricky word spotter story (attached) can you collect all the tricky words?