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Leighton Primary School

Mrs M Wells' Phonics Group

Wb.13.7.2020 Hello Everyone, 🌞Happy Tuesday!

The Government continue to offer Phonics sessions online, these are ok for general reviews of learning and offer 20 minute videos for your child to watch, they will need a pen and paper towards the end of the session. Click the link below:


In our group this week we will continue to focus on Phase 4 learning and Reviewing Phase 3. This week we are focusing on learning how to read and write consonant blends at the beginning and end of words.

Lesson 1:

Review: First ask your child to write from memory: ure air ear igh

Play phonicsplay: Flashcards speed trial to practice sounds:

Teach: Today's focus is practicing reading more words with consonant blends in them.


Read the blends, can you think of a word with this blend in it? Look out for some of these blends as we read the story (Going Camping attached).

Practice: Try reading the words on the Tapestry video.

Read the words and put the correct items in the bag.


Challenge: Can you read the caption and then try to write it from memory?


There is the little camp and there are lots of tents.

Apply: Play the Home and Away sorting game (attached).


Lesson 2: 

Review: Ask your child to write from memory: oi er ow

Play tricky word trucks on Phonicsplay:

Teach: Introduce more words with consonant blends through the story (Putting up the tent).


Practice: Read the captions on how to put up the tent.

Try reading the words on the Tapestry video.

Challenge: Can you write at least two words from the video or story from memory?


Apply: Now practice reading the sentence: What does Kit want to do?


Lesson 3: 

Review: Ask your child to practice writing from memory the sounds: ur, ar, ai and the tricky words: oh, what, when out.

Teach: Continue to practice reading consonant blends in words in the story “The camp fire”.


Practice: Can you match the stick consonant blend words to the correct pictures? (see attached)

Try reading the words on the Tapestry video.

Challenge: Can you write at least two words from the video or story from memory?


Apply: Read the sentence “We can all toast and melt camp sweets”.

Extension: Can you write this from memory?


Lesson 4: 

Review: Ask chn to write from memory: or, oa, oo (short sound in book)

Teach: Play the sandcastle Flag match (attached).

Practice: Read the sentence ‘They cannot wait for the next camping trip’


Try reading the words on the Tapestry video.

Apply: Can you write your own mini book about the camping trip? (attached).


Updated 16.7.2020

Tricky word session: 

Review: Read the Tricky words from Phase 2-5.

Sing the Tricky word songs: phase 4 (A,B,C)

Stop the films to write the words from memory: have, said, like, so, do, some, come, little, were, there, one out, what, when. EXT: if the chn are confident reading and spelling all Twords play Phase 5: 

Teach the tricky words in Phase 5: oh, Mrs and Mr. Practice using them in a spoken sentence with your child so they know how to use them. Perhaps they could write them on post its and deliver them to different people/teddies in your home considering the title of the person are they a Mr or a Mrs?   

Practice remembering them from what they look like, say them in different voices.

Apply: perhaps look on envelopes with your child to see if they can spot these titles being used. Can they write Mrs Wells, Mrs Bird, Mrs Cuthbert using their phonics?

Extension: Can you read and write the first 100 words? Can you read any of the next 100 words? Practice over the holidays can you beat your score?

Please like this observation on Tapestry as acknowledgement that you have received it. Have a lovely holidays. Thank you.