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Our Attendance officer

My role is to assist both parents and fellow staff members wherever possible in ensuring all children have the opportunity to attend Leighton regularly and punctually (As per Local Authority guidelines).

I fully understand that my role is often frowned upon by parents but please be assured I am only acting in the best interests of all the children, as it has been proven time and time again that attendance plays a major role in the success of a child’s education, also arriving at school punctual, in a timely routine everyday has an obvious advantage to the start of your child’s school day.

I will greet you at the door if your child arrives late, and I will telephone you or knock on your door if your child is not in school and you haven’t notified me why or we have any cause for concern. On occasions it may appear that I am asking awkward questions when you least want it, but please remember why I am doing those things, it's because we care.

Mrs Faye Green
Leighton Primary School
Attendance Officer 

I enjoy having an open and honest relationship with all of our parents, so please feel free to approach me at any time should you have any concerns which you feel may have an impact on your child’s attendance and I will do my upmost to help.

Being a parent myself, I am fully aware that children can be unpredictable, catch bugs, and sometimes things don’t go to plan or it’s just one of those mornings, I’ve had a few myself – All I ask is that you keep me informed.