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Our School Values


The school’s values; Ambition, Respect and Community are the foundation of our work at Leighton. 

Our ultimate goal is to seek excellence in everything we do and ensure that everyone experiences enjoyment in their learning whilst Achieving and Growing Together. The Leighton team aim to achieve this through:

  • Partnerships and relationships

  • Activities, experiences and pedagogies

  • Our environment and resources

  • Attitudes and aspirations

Partnerships and Relationships


  • believe our first responsibility is to the children.  

  • strive to build trust with stakeholders

  • stress the importance of working in partnership with parents and alongside the community to provide a high quality, effective education.  

  • will have open, honest and transparent communication with all stakeholders.

  • have a group of supportive Governors who are aspirational for the school and all the pupils 

  • will ensure that everyone feels safe, happy and secure in school by insisting on positive behaviour and consideration for others.  These respectful relationships are the foundation of all that we do.


Activities, Experiences and Approaches

We will:

  • provide a broad varied range of activities, experiences and opportunities within and beyond the National Curriculum catering for a wide range of needs and talents.  

  • be inclusive, ensuring all pupils have access to the school’s curriculum.

  • be flexible and responsive in producing challenging opportunities and enriching activities.

  • provide staff with access to high quality professional development that enhances effective classroom provision.

Environment and Resources

We will:

  • maintain and further develop a school environment of the highest quality and encourage a sense of pride in our school.  

  • ensure everyone has access to excellent resources and will make use of new developments and technology to equip us all for success in tomorrow’s society.

Attitudes and Aspirations

We will:

  • recognise and celebrate the achievement of everyone.  

  • work together to encourage independence through promoting reasoned decision-making.

  • create a purposeful learning environment in which work of the highest standard is produced and where individuals of all abilities are given every opportunity to realise their potential.  

  • continue to be a forward looking, innovative school, working together to achieve excellence.

  • continue to be self evaluative, reflective and curious about future developments of the school