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Leighton Primary School

Our School Values and Houses

All of the children at Leighton Primary School understand their value and contribution that they make to the school community. 

The children at Leighton strive to ensure that their conduct  and attitudes towards learning reflect our 4 principle core values:

Aim High

Dream Big

Lead by example

Never Give up

These core values enhance what we embrace each and every day through our teaching and communication of the values we expect our children to show through their behaviour and attitude around school and the community. We strongly  believe that as we are constantly enhancing and displaying  these behaviours to the children then we are preparing our children to achieve in all aspects of life and believe in themselves to do so. As adults in the school we set good examples to the  children through being good role models. 

Each child belongs to one of our 4 houses





Each house is responsible for promoting their core house's value.  On the home page you can find out each Friday, how many points each house has. The children find out the week's winners in Celebration assembly every Friday afternoon. At the end of each half term, the winning house gets to go on a trip. Reception, Years 1, 2 & 3 go to Big Sky and Years 4, 5 & 6 go to Stamford Swimming Pool.

All the children have been given a badge to wear that represents which house they belong to. 

The principle core values umbrella the Leighton values which in turn characterise the standards of behaviour and learning attitudes that we expect from all members of school community:

Our Values are:

September - Respect

October - Perseverance

November - Honesty

December - Self belief

January - Co-operation

February - Positivity

March - Trust

April - Kindness

May - Responsibility

June - Humour

July - Understanding


These values will support the children in their learning and their personal development. Each month a new value will be celebrated in school. Children will be encouraged to use the language of the values in everyday life, at school and home. House points will be given out to children to show they have used the value well and it has resulted in positive work or attitude change. The values were chosen by the school community, staff children and parents.