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Leighton Primary School

Phase 3 - igh oa oo (long)

Week beginning 27.4.20     oa oo igh

Hello. I hope you are staying well and safe.

This week we are going to focus on the Phase three digraphs (two letters making one sound) oa in goat and oo the long sound in moon. We are also going to review the trigraph (three letters making one sound) igh as in high. Remember to use the resources on Tapestry and your child's phonics work book you should have received to support these lessons.

Lesson 1 – oa

Begin by reading the sounds covered so far on the phase 3 sound mat or you could try the Flashcards speed trial game Phases 2 and 3 on

Today's focus is the digraph 'oa'. Listen to the jolly phonics song (  at 3 minutes 32 seconds on this link). Practice writing this digraph in the air/on your hand/on someone’s back/on a whiteboard or paper. I have included a photo so your child can see how it sits on the line. Say the formation rhymes as you write them in lowercase: o - all around the orange. a- all around the apple and then down don't forget the leaf. Look at the oa words on this slide and try to read the oa words using sound buttons to help you.

Now can you write the words: oat, road, moan.
Can you now write a silly sentence or question with an oa word or two in it eg. Can the goat see the boat?

Lesson 2 – oo (long sound)

Begin by practicing reading and then writing the tricky words we focused on last week:- he me we be she

Wednesday’s focus is the long vowel digraph oo in zoo. Listen to the jolly phonics song (  at 3 minutes 36 seconds on this link). This song also covers the short sound written the same oo in book. We will cover this next week.

Look at the oo photos. Write the oo sound, remember the rhyme (all around the orange, all around the orange) and try to read the words.

Read the oo words zoo, food, soon and view the oa and oo films on Tapestry. You can pause these if you need more time to read the words/sentence.
Apply: Play the game Picture Match with phase three digraphs on


Lesson 3 - igh

Begin by reading the sounds covered so far on the phase 3 sound mat or you could try the Flashcards speed trial game Phases 2 and 3 on

Thursday's focus is the trigraph igh in night. For this there is no jolly phonics song but the action is to point up high into the sky. Look at the igh photos attached. Write the igh sound beware of whether the letters sit on the line or go under the line. The formation rhymes are:
i - down the insects body, flick and a dot for the head.
g - around the girls face, down her hair and don't forget the curl.
h - down the horses head to his hooves and over his back.

Read the igh words high, night, fight and the short film on Tapestry.

Try to write the sentence: The moon floats in the night.

I hope you find these useful, please like 👍 this observation so I can see you have seen it and add a comment if you would like me to provide any further feedback. I would love to see the children's work so please add an observation to Tapestry 😊.

I have added the supporting resources to Tapestry too. You may also find free resources to view and print on to support learning by typing in the search bar the sound then the word phonics eg. oa phonics. The workbook, phoneme spotter stories and board games are all good.


The story Fright Night (Orange band - use as a shared book as it is tricky) Can your child write a list of igh words in it?


Added 30.4.20: Tricky word lesson – Focus words:- was my the to

*Begin by singing the Phase 3 Tricky words song.

We usually have the tricky word troll dancing to the song. I’m sure your child has a cuddly toy that could dance as they sing the songs.

*Go on the Phonics play website - Sentences Phase 3 where you will see some tricky word sentences. Read the, to and then was, my sentences.

*Also on Phonics play is a word game, Tricky word trucks Choose Phase 3.

Can you beat your time from last week?

*Copy out the words the, to, was and my onto a piece of paper. Keep practicing writing them until they can be written from memory.

*Ask your child to have a go at writing the sentence My goat was the best.

*Now ask your child to plan and write their own sentence about something they have done this week starting with the word – My (e.g. My hat was too big, My cat likes to run fast). Remember to use a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop.

*Practice Phase 2 tricky words by singing the Phase 2 Tricky words song. Pause the song at random times to check the words are known confidently.