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Leighton Primary School


Each Tuesday and Thursday your child's group page (on the right of this screen) will have new phonics activities added for you to do with your child. These activities will help your child to continue their learning in phonics. 

If possible, please spend 10-15 minutes each day doing some phonics from your child's group page. A message has been sent on Tapestry (20.4.20) to let you know which group your child is in. 

More phonics resources and activities will also be shared on Tapestry. 

If you have any questions or need help with phonics, please send an email to your child's class teacher. (Please see details of the email addresses on the previous page.) The teachers are more than happy to help you. 

The DFE has made some phonic sessions available which follow the Letters and Sounds document. There is a lesson each day at 10am (Reception - Phase 3) and 11am (Blending). The following lessons might be helpful for your child if he/she needs practise to blend words to read and to segment words to spell them.  The Phase 3 sessions which match your child's group learning will be included in the group pages when appropriate.

Lesson 1 Blending with a

Lesson 2 Blending with p

Lesson 3 Blending with e

Lesson 4 Blending with o

lesson 5 Blending with b

Lesson 6 Blending with i 

Lesson 7 Blending with d