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Leighton Primary School

Phonics igh and oa

Hello! Welcome to phonics for the week beginning 18th May. 

So far you have learnt all the Phase 2 sounds and j v w x y z zz qu ch sh th ng ai ee in Phase 3. WOW! That’s a lot of sounds.

This week we are going to learn the digraphs igh as in night and oa as in goat.

It is important for children to hear these sounds in words. They also need to be able to spot these digraphs in words when we are reading and write the 2 or 3 letters when we are spelling words with these sounds.

The 3 letters in igh which make one sound together is known as a trigraph. Please teach your child this new word.

Each time you do phonics, have a warm first. Choose a warm up from these ideas.

Sing Jolly Phonics songs. The film shows all Phase 2 which your child knows. The j sound is the beginning of Phase 3 and starts at 5 min 27 seconds, so you could start from here. Play until you have sung oa, and join in with the actions and singing.

*There is no Jolly Phonics sound for igh. You can point up saying ‘high’ or make up your own song or rhyme for ‘igh’.

Game Collect some random objects e.g. soap, brush, cup, teddy, ball and hide them in a bag. Sing the words* ‘I have found a nice blue bag, ee, ie, ee, ie oh, and in my bag I have a (then sound out the object e.g. b-all)’ and your child blends the word. They must listen first then blend the word, and not guess. Repeat sounding out if your child needs to hear it again to blend it or help them if they are stuck. *Use the tune for ‘Old MacDonald had a farm’.

Phonics Bingo – Each player had a piece of paper and draws 6 boxes on it, 3 along the bottom and 3 along the top. Write a sound or digraph in each box, e.g. w j x ng sh ee. Have a set of pieces of paper cut up each with a Phase 3 sound/digraph on it. These can be pulled out of a bag or cup. Who can be first to cross out 3 sounds? Whoever gets a full house first can shout ‘BINGO!’  

Go to the Phonics Play website The username is: March20 and password is: home  Choose ‘Resources’ then ‘Phase 3’ and play a game like Dragon’s Den, Picnic on Pluto, Buried Treasure or Pick a Picture. Choose any sounds that your child is unsure of to practise.

Session 1 Learning igh

To make the sound igh, we pretend can see something up in the sky and point up saying ‘igh, igh’ because it is high up.

Look at the Phase 3 sound/phoneme mat (attached below) and show your child the new digraph ‘igh’ with the night picture. The sound the letters make is ‘igh’ like the middle sound in right, high and fright.

Say some words for your child to listen to. If they hear ‘igh’ they jump up and point up high saying igh igh. The words could be: sigh, might, food, dinosaur, fright, yellow, bright, tight. If they don't hear igh, they must freeze. 

Listen to some words with igh.

Watch Mr Thorne Does Phonics igh

Write igh 3 times. Remember to write the letters correctly each time

i - down the insect’s body, curl, dot for the head

g – round Goldilock’s head, up and down her hair

h – Down the horse to its hooves, up and over its back.

The I sits on the line, the g hangs below it and the h sits on the line but is taller than i.

Look out for igh in any books, magazines, leaflets you have in your home.

Watch the Alphablocks episode about igh.

Session 2 Learning igh

Look at the sound mat and find igh. Say the sound igh igh igh.

Take it in turns with your child to say some igh words. How many can you think of?

Blend some words with igh. Is igh at the beginning, middle or end?

Write some words with igh. Choose your own words or try

light, high, night. For a challenge you could write tonight. Explain that the tricky word to comes in front of night.

You could look out of the window at night and talk about what you can see high up in the sky. Write a sentence. Say the sentence a few times and count how many words you need. Sound out the words can, see, light, at , night before you write them, then try to write all the sounds in order. You can look at your Phase 3 sounds mat to help.

I can see a light at night.’

Use the Sorting Powerpoint attached to sort words with igh and without igh. It can be displayed on the screen.

Session 3 Learning oa. (oa resources have been attached below.) 

The story for oa is about a goat who head butts an oak tree with its horns. We put our hand to our mouth and say "oa" like 'oh'. Please remind your child that two letters that make one sound together are called a digraph. 

Please listen to the Jolly Phonics song and make sure your child can make the oa sound. The oa song plays at 9mins 37 seconds.

Say these words and ask your child to say oa if they hear the sound in a word or freeze in a shape if they don't.

Say the words goat, grass, boat, oats, road, playing, toad, load, moaning, kitchen, soap. 

Watch Mr Thorne Does Phonics oa

Blend to read some oa words

Practise writing oa three times. Remember that both letters start like a c. The handwriting rhymes are

o all around the orange

a around the apple and down the leaf. 

Watch the alphblocks episode for oa

Session 4 Learning oa

Use the phase 3 sound mat. Look for oa first, then say all the phonemes from j along the rows until you get to oa. 

Blend to read some oa words   

Now write some words with oa. Sound the whole word out before you write it down. Look at the sound mat if you need to check which letters you need for a sound.

Write soap, road, boat. If you want a challenge write coach and toast.

Write a simple caption and draw a picture to match, e.g.  a toad on toast, a goat in a boat,

You could also read these stories with oa words:

  • There is a FREE short story Soap Boat on the Starfall website to practice oa

(Please turn the sound off so your child can read the words)

 Session 5 Tricky words

We have now spent time learning all the tricky words in Phase 3 so we will practise reading and writing them from now on. Children need to be able to read these words straight away and write them down from memory.

The words are he she me be we are all her they my you was.

Sing the Tricky word song

Practise reading tricky words on Phonicsplay

Chose Trick Word Trucks  - Read words are they come on the trucks. Click the green tick when you read the

word correctly. Play again and try to beat your score. 

Sentences Find sentences in with the words your child doesn’t know yet and practise reading them in sentences. Click on the next button to see all the weeks and choose the day with the tricky words you need.

Sentence Substitution Read sentences but you are allowed to change one word. See if the sentence makes sense or if it sounds silly!

Choose a few words to write that your child still needs to learn. Write the word carefully at the top of the board or paper.  Make sure the letters are written correctly and the word is spelt correctly. Then give them 3 minutes to see how many times they can write the word in the time. On a different day repeat and challenge them to write the same word but see if they can write more in the time.

If your child can read and write all the Phase 3 words without any help, then they are ready to learn Phase 4.

Here is the Phase 4 tricky word song.