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Storytime Summer Holiday Videos

We want children to be able to access the stories over the summer holiday period, so we have developed a Storytime section of the Schoolreaders website! Now live, and featuring 30+ videos that our amazing volunteers have recorded during lockdown they are available for children to watch whenever they want over the summer.  Separated into reading age; many of the last 11 weeks of videos are included, plus new ones that we weren’t able to previously share and we will be adding new videos over the summer.

Please find two more stories below these will be the final week of Storytime from this school year. This week’s stories include a bat that sees things differently and a bed-jumping boy!

Schoolreaders Storytime – ‘Daft Bat’ by Jeanne Willis

Is Bat batty? Or does she just see things a little differently?  The trouble begins when Bat moves into the neighbourhood. All the animal children want to welcome her with a special gift but then Bat shocks them by asking for an umbrella to keep her feet dry!  Soon, it’s clear to everyone that she always gets things upside-down and the wrong-way-round. Only when Wise Owl suggests a change of perspective does everything become clear to Bat’s young friends.  Reading Age 5+

Schoolreaders Storytime – ‘No Jumping on the Bed!’ by Tedd Arnold
"If I've told you once I've told you a million times, no jumping on the bed!" But Walter just can't resist, so he ignores his father's bedtime warning. Higher and higher he bounces gleefully, until his hair brushes the ceiling. But when he lands back on the bed--thump, creak, crack--it crashes right through the floor! Suddenly Walter finds himself visiting all the downstairs neighbours in his apartment building in a most unusual way!  Reading age 6+



The Schoolreaders Storytime Volunteers who usually read to children in schools have made some more story videos to share. Click on the links to watch the stories being read. I wonder which one is your favourite...

Schoolreaders Storytime – ‘The Squirrels who Squabbled’ by Rachel Bright
Greedy squirrels Cyril and Bruce both have their sights on a very special prize: THE VERY LAST NUT OF THE SEASON! As the nut bounces crazily though the forest, the squirrels race after it, between the trees, over boulders, down the river and - ARGH! - right to the edge of a waterfall! Working together might be the only way to save themselves now ...

Schoolreaders Storytime – ‘The Way Back Home’ by Oliver Jeffers
One day a boy finds an aeroplane in his cupboard. Up, up and away he flies, past clouds and stars until suddenly, phut, phut phut, the plane runs out of petrol and the boy crash lands on the moon. Just as he is beginning to get cold and lonely, a Martian appears from the darkness – could this be the start of an unlikely friendship? And will the boy ever manage to get home again? 


Schoolreaders Storytime – ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ by Michael Rosen

For brave hunters and bear-lovers!  Follow and join in the family's excitement as they wade through the grass, splash through the river and squelch through the mud in search of a bear. What a surprise awaits them in the cave on the other side of the dark forest!

Schoolreaders Storytime – ‘Baby Brains’ by Simon James
Meet the extraordinary Baby Brains. He reads the paper, mends the car and works as a doctor at the hospital. He’s so clever that some scientists ask him to go on their next space mission

Schoolreaders Storytime – ‘Into the Forest’ by Anthony Browne 

One night a boy is woken by a terrible sound. A storm is breaking, lightning flashing across the sky. In the morning Dad has disappeared and Mum doesn’t seem to know when he’ll be back. Mum asks her son to take a cake to his sick grandma. "Don’t go into the forest," she warns. "Go the long way round." But, for the first time, the boy chooses to take the path into the forest, where he meets a variety of fairy tale characters!

Schoolreaders Storytime – ‘Bringing Down the Moon’ by Jonathan Emmett

Meet the little mole who thinks a lot and join him on his quest to bring down the moon.

Schoolreaders Storytime - 'The Ravenous Beast' by Niamh Sharkey

The ravenous beast is hungry; he’s hungry, hungry, hungry. But is he the hungriest animal of all?

Schoolreaders Storytime - 'One is a snail, ten is a crab' by April Pulley Sayre

If one is a snail and two is a person, we must be counting by feet!

Schoolreaders Storytime - 'This is Our House' by Michael Rosen

A book about the power of sharing. George says the cardboard house is his and no one else can share it.

Optional activities to accompany each Schoolreader Story can be found here

It is really important to keep helping your child to practise their reading every day. If the school books have been read, you can use other materials at your child's reading level online. This will help them practise blending words and reading tricky words on sight.

On the Oxford Owl site, you can register and set up a password, then you can choose books at your child’s reading level/book band colour. There are fiction and non-fiction books at all levels.

Reading books to your child is also important as it helps your child understand stories or information and learn new vocabulary that they are not yet able to read for themselves. Talking about what you are reading will develop their speaking and understanding. 

Sharing stories together is comforting and reassuring for your child too.  

Log onto the Book Trust website for some guidance on sharing books with your child. There is also a guide for reading with 4-6 year olds which you can download and it is available in a variety of languages. The guide is available as a document below.

Also on the Book Trust website is a list of online activities for fun with authors and illustrators especially for children aged 4-5 years. (Just scroll down the page to find this age group.)

There are also some pictures books on this website that your child can read along with including Owl Babies and Hairy Maclary From Donaldson’s Dairy, which are books we have at school.

There are many other websites which can help your child to enjoy stories and practise their reading. Picture books are read on You Tube too but please check that the content is suitable for your child first.

One of our favourite authors is Oliver Jeffers who wrote ‘Lost and Found’ which we read a few months ago at school. He is reading a story everyday whilst we need to stay at home.

Julia Donaldson is adding a video to facebook each week which focuses on one of her stories. She sings songs about some of her stories and some illustrators are also featured in the films.

Nick Sharratt is also a well-known author whose books we have in school. Here he reads ‘Shark in the Park.’

Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar story is told with this beautiful animation

The Scottish Book Trust also has home reading activities for children in the Early Years featuring authors.

The BBC website has stories for children to listen to as well as songs, listening games and movements activities all related to the story.

BBC iplayer has all the Cbeebies bedtime stories to listen to.

Online stories 

With your child’s Vivacity library card, you can register to read ebooks on a laptop or computer, or download the app to read ebooks on a tablet. Click on the ‘click here’ button beside the green Borrow Box square. You will need the number on the back of the library card to register.