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Leighton Primary School

Rest of the Week

If you are not able to come to school this week, then this is what we will be covering in school.

1:  English.  We will be learning about how to write an explanation text.  

            There are examples of explanation texts below for you to look at.

            We will also be learning to use causal connectives.

            Finally we will be understanding the difference between formal and informal language, and making our language more formal.

            There are some English activities below. Download the link English activities.

2:  Maths:  We will carry on working on multiplication and division.

           Keep learning your times tables.

           See the Maths activities below. There is work for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on the same sheet.

3:  Science: We'll be learning more about electricity, and making our own circuits and drawing circuit diagrams.

You won't be able to do this at home without the resources we have in school.  But you can find out lots about electricity here.

4:  PSHE: Anti-bullying week.

Watch each of these links (you could do one each day)

Then answer the questions below.

Day 1:  Look at the powerpoint Anti-bullying Week below.

1:  Which of these three situations is bullying?  Why?  Why not?

a)  Jon is feeling grumpy one day and calls Adam a brainless idiot.

b) A group of year 7 boys are playing football in the playground. Tyrone misses an easy goal, and two other boys call him a wimp.

c: Every time Monisha walks past a group of older girls they look at her and pull a face, wrinkling their noses up.

2:  What can you do if you are a bystander and see someone being bullied?

3:  Why do bullies bully people? 

Day 2

What is the main message behind this video?  Write it in 3 sentences.

Day 3:

How can children work together to stop bullying?


And do a bit of reading each day.  Read a book that you are enjoying and interested in.

Write what you have been reading in your reading record.