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Leighton Primary School


5 kingdoms of life. | Taxonomy biology, Montessori science ...


We are looking at the different animal kingdoms with Oak National Academy

NB: Kingdom of Monerans also known as Kingdom of Prokaryotes.

Please follow the online lesson or conduct your own research into the five animal kingdoms. Then, create an information poster about the different kingdoms and the living organism which belong in each kingdom.



Find out what you can about the different geological eras in the Earth's history. How do we learn about this these different time periods? What is a fossil record? What is an invertebrate and vertebrate? Can you explain what extinction is and use and example to show your understanding? What is a Geologist and how do they help us understand fossils? Please create a factfile or presentation of all your findings. I look forward to seeing what you discover.


I've attached some PowerPoints that can be followed through as a lesson.