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Leighton Primary School

Science - W.b 15.6.20 - Virtual Science School Trip

As we can’t be together to enjoy a school trip, we thought you could experience a virtual one instead.

For one week only use the link and password to access your 25-minute Science trip.

Science trip theme: Stronger by Design –

What dangers do firefighters face, what makes a bullet proof vest so strong, and does any of this relate to custard? This trip looks at the engineering behind some of the most amazing materials that keep us safe when we’re in danger. We look at the fabrics that protect firefighters from flames and water, how a woven material can stop a bullet, how many materials astronauts need to stay safe on a spacewalk, and, seriously, why is custard important? Introducing concepts including staying safe, forces, and materials.

Suitable for All Ages, aimed at Key Stage 1 and 2 Show is ~25 minutes

We hope you enjoy your trip!