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Leighton Primary School


Here are your spellings to learn and revise for this week. At the end of the week, ask someone at home to test you; maybe challenge someone (Mum or Dad) to see who gets the most correct. Good Luck

1. break  2. brake 3. threw 4. through 5. source 6. sauce 7. site 8. sight 9. allowed 10. aloud 11. waste 12. waist 13. peace      14. piece 15. meanwhile 16. furthermore 17. therefore 18. however 19. nonetheless 20. alternatively

Learn the normal amount of spellings you would in your English class.

Use the word document for some ideas of how to practice your spellings. Remember, if you are not sure what the word means, use a dictionary to check the definition. 

If you can create 10 sentences using one of spellings in each one and a relative clause, you will win 5 house points! Email you work to