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Leighton Primary School

The Leighton Team


  • Mr M Hilton

    Mr M HiltonYear4 Class Teacher and Year 4 Leader and Curriculum Leader

  • Mr A Moore

    Mr A MooreYear 3 Class Teacher and Year 2/3 Leader and Reading support Leader

  • Mrs P Preston

    Mrs P Preston Year 6 Class Teacher and Maths Leader

  • Mrs J Bird

    Mrs J Bird Reception Class Teacher/EYFS Leader and Pre School Leader

  • Miss Barrasso

    Miss BarrassoReception Class Teacher

  • Mrs T Wells

    Mrs T WellsReception HLTA and DT Leader

  • Mr M Griffin

    Mr M GriffinReception Teaching Assistant

  • Miss E Watson

    Miss E Watson Reception Teaching Assistant

  • Miss N Hewett

    Miss N HewettReception Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs J Mason

    Mrs J MasonReception Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs V Geldart

    Mrs V GeldartYear 1 Class Teacher/Year 1 Leader and Phonics Lead

  • Mrs M Wells

    Mrs M Wells Year 1 Class Teacher and Music Leader

  • Miss N Guilfoyle

    Miss N GuilfoyleYear 1 Class Teacher and EAL and History Leader

  • Ms  Mole

    Ms MoleYear 1 HTLA

  • Mrs T Wright

    Mrs T Wright Year 1 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs J Rose

    Mrs J Rose Year 1 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Z Nelson

    Mrs Z NelsonYear 1 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs J Sanders

    Mrs J Sanders Year 1 Teaching Assistant

  • Miss E Belton

    Miss E BeltonYear 2 Class Teacher and Science Leader

  • Mrs H Cuthbert

    Mrs H CuthbertYear 2 Class Teacher and PSHE Leader and Student Placement Leader

  • Mrs N Wakelin

    Mrs N Wakelin Year 2 HLTA and Art Leader

  • Mrs L Burns

    Mrs L BurnsYear 2 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs D Coleman

    Mrs D ColemanYear 2 Teaching assistant

  • Ms A Harris

    Ms A HarrisYear 3 Class Teacher and PE Leader

  • Miss H Brodie

    Miss H BrodieYear 3 HLTA and Junior Leadership Leader

  • Mrs A Hagan

    Mrs A Hagan Year 3 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs N Walji

    Mrs N WaljiYear 3 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs B Farrelly

    Mrs B FarrellyYear 3 Reading Support and Family Liaison Officer

  • Mrs S Cutajar

    Mrs S Cutajar Year 4 Teaching Assistant

  • Miss S Weetman

    Miss S Weetman Year 4 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs E Donington

    Mrs E DoningtonYear 5 Class Teacher and PSHE Leader

  • Mrs J Christoudias

    Mrs J ChristoudiasYear 5 Class Teacher and School Council (JLT) Leader

  • Mrs A Hilton

    Mrs A HiltonYear 5 Class Teacher and Science Leader

  • Mrs M Oliver

    Mrs M Oliver Year 5 HLTA and MFL Leader

  • Mrs L Smith

    Mrs L SmithYear 5 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs J Pateman

    Mrs J Pateman Year 6 HLTA and Art Leader

  • Mrs S Richards

    Mrs S RichardsYear 6 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs C Tee

    Mrs C Tee Year 6 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs M Renolds

    Mrs M RenoldsYear 6 Teaching Assistant

  • Miss S Renno - Maternity Leave

    Miss S Renno - Maternity LeaveClass Teacher and PE Leader

  • K Bilby

    K BilbySENDCO

  • Mrs C Reynolds

    Mrs C ReynoldsNumbers Count Intervention Teacher and RE Leader

  • Mrs T Garn

    Mrs T Garn IT HLTA and ICT Technician

  • Mr C Miles (Premier Sports)

    Mr C Miles (Premier Sports)Sports Coach

  • Mrs Charlotte Neville

    Mrs Charlotte Neville PA to Headteacher

  • Mrs F Green

    Mrs F GreenAttendance Lead

  • Mrs K Shah

    Mrs K Shah Finance Manager

  • Mrs L Haley

    Mrs L Haley Finance Assistant/Website Lead

  • Miss H McNee

    Miss H McNee Administration Assistant

  • Mrs J Kowalczyk

    Mrs J KowalczykFinance Admin Assistant

  • Mr A Pateman

    Mr A Pateman Catering Manager

  • Mrs V Sanchez

    Mrs V Sanchez Assistant Catering Manager

  • Mrs S Corke

    Mrs S CorkeCatering Assistant

  • Mrs L Bull

    Mrs L Bull Lead Lunchtime Supervisor/Cleaner

  • S Wallace

    S WallaceLunchtime Supervisor

  • Mrs J Hagan

    Mrs J Hagan Lunchtime Supervisor/Cleaner

  • S Ruivo

    S RuivoLunchtime Supervisor/Cleaner

  • D Owusu-Addae

    D Owusu-AddaeLunchtime Supervisor

  • M White

    M WhiteLunchtime Hall Supervisor

  • P McGranachan

    P McGranachanLunchtime Hall Supervisor

  • Mrs A Karlinska

    Mrs A KarlinskaHall Lunchtime Supervisor/Cleaner

  • Miss S Ellwood

    Miss S EllwoodLunchtime Supervisor/Kitchen Cleaner

  • C Butler

    C ButlerPlay Leader

  • Mrs L Hodges

    Mrs L HodgesPlay Leader

  • Miss K Hook

    Miss K HookPlay Leader

  • E Parry

    E Parry Lunchtime TA

  • Mr K Hagan

    Mr K HaganSite Manager

  • M Juszczyk

    M JuszczykCleaner

  • Mrs Hayley Sutton

    Mrs Hayley SuttonHeadteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead/PREVENT LeadSenior Leadership

  • Mrs Clare Gray

    Mrs Clare GrayDeputy Headteacher & Data Protection Officer/Assement and Data Lead/EHA Lead/LAC and PLAC LeadSenior Leadership

  • Mrs Julie Aubert

    Mrs Julie Aubert Assistant Headteacher Senior Leadership

  • Mr Daniel Saull

    Mr Daniel SaullYear 6 Class Teacher and Assistant Headteacher/Assement and Data Lead/English LeaderSenior Leadership

  • Mr Ed Corleys

    Mr Ed CorleysYear 6 Class Teacher and Year 5/6 LeaderSenior Leadership