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Leighton Primary School

Victory in Europe Day (VE Day)

You may wish to talk to your child about VE Day on Friday 8th May and why people will be thinking about the events that happened in Europe 75 years ago. This year the May Day Bank Holiday has been moved to be on the same day as the anniversary of VE Day so that those who wish to remember and celebrate are able to do so with their families. VE Day marks the day when fighting in Europe stopped towards the end of World War II. A two minute silence will begin at 11am on Friday to remember all those who fought in the war or who were affected by the war. 

Sometimes it is difficult to explain why nations have engaged in fighting wars with each other to younger children. The powerpoint attached may be helpful as a starting point if you wish to talk to your child about VE Day. Some children are interested in what happened in the past and ask questions which you may wish to respond to, giving them further information to match their level of interest and understanding. Other children are not as interested to know about things that happened long ago and may be happy to know that it is a day when we remember the soldiers or what they are going to do with their family on Friday. There is no expectation that you will talk to your child about VE Day or that you will use all the resources. They are just here for you if you wish to use them. 

Here are some activities you might like to do.

Make a Spitfire by making a paper aeroplane and colouring it green. You could add the details such as the circles on the wings and the letters on the body of the plane. You could watch this short film of a pilot who fought in the war being given the chance to fly a spitfire once more at the age of 92!

If you want to make a spitfire paper aeroplane with your child, follow this video.

Make a Union Jack flag to wave on Friday. This short clip shows you how.

Your child could design a new medal for the 75th VE Day anniversary for the soldiers who are still alive today. Choose a shape for the medal and then draw on your designs. 

Draw a large 7 and 5. Ask your child to cover them with the colours of the Union Jack; red, white and blue. They can be used to decorate your home and show your child that it is 75 years since the fighting stopped. 

You might want to try a recipe to find out what people ate during the war years. A recipe booklet is attached below.

Wartime Carrot Cake Recipe

Listen to some 1940s songs and music.

You could join in with some 1940 dances. 

Learn the simple swing steps. 

Join in with the Charleston.

Please send us any photos of your activities or celebrations if you would like to, or add them to Tapestry.