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Leighton Primary School

Week 11

Wb.6.7.2020 Hello Everyone, 🌞Happy Tuesday!

The Government continue to offer Phonics sessions online, these are ok for general reviews of learning and offer 20 minute videos for your child to watch, they will need a pen and paper towards the end of the session. Click the link below:


In our group this week we will continue to focus on Phase 4 learning and Reviewing Phase 3. 

This week we are focusing on learning initial consonant blends that words begin with.

Lesson 1: Learn initial consonant blends: tr, fl, gr, sw, st, cl, fr

Review: First ask your child to write from memory: ure air ear igh

Play phonicsplay: Flashcards speed trial to practice sounds:

Teach: Today's focus is practicing reading and writing words with tr,fl,gr, sw, st, cl, fr at the beginning of them.

Read the blends around the children and match the pictures to the initial consonant blend words.


Practice: Try reading the words on the Tapestry video.

Read the caption – why is Kit so happy?

Challenge: Can you write the caption? He is glad to see that the train has come to a stop.


Apply: Play the initial blends Train stations game (attached).



Lesson 2: Learn initial consonant blends: sp, pl.

Review: Ask your child to write from memory: oi er ow

Play tricky word trucks on Phonicsplay:

Teach: Introduce more initial consonant blends: sp, pl, and practise those from yesterday.


Practice: Match the pictures to the rucksacks and labels (see attached).

Try reading the words on the Tapestry video.

Challenge: Can you write at least two words from the story from memory? Now read the other labels.


Apply: Now practice writing the sentence: The frog will like to have a swim in the fresh pond.


Lesson 3: Learn initial consonant blends: tw, br, dr, cr.

Review: Ask your child to practice writing from memory the sounds: ur, ar, ai and the tricky words: all they my said.

Teach: Introduce more initial consonant blends: tw, br, dr, cr and practise those covered this week.



Write the initial consonant blends to complete the words on the magic map.

Practice: Can you use some of the snowball sounds to write the words with consonant blends? (see attached)


Try reading the words on the Tapestry video.

Apply: Read the sentence “You can go on a trip to stand on Everest”.

Extension: Can you write this from memory? 



Lesson 4: To revise all initial consonant blends covered so far.

Review: Ask chn to write from memory: or, oa, oo (short sound in book)

Teach: Write a list of the items Kit and Sam find on their way down the mountain: Flag, Scarf, star, frost, spoon.


Practice: Write the sentence ‘It was a fun trip but can we go back to Gran now?’

Try reading the words on the Tapestry video.

Apply: Complete the climbing pole initial blend phoneme frames (attached). 


I hope you enjoy learning these new initial consonant blends this week, please email me on if you need any personalised support. I will update this page on Thursday with our Tricky word session. Mrs M Wells 👩


Updated 10.7.2020:

Lesson 5: Tricky words

Review: Read the Tricky words from Phase 2-4.  


Sing the Tricky word songs: phase 4 (A,B,C)

Stop the films to write the words from memory: have, said, like, so, do, some, come, little, were, there, one out, what, when. EXT: if the chn are confident reading and spelling all Twords play Phase 5: 

Teach the tricky words in Phase 4: when, what, out and Phase 5: oh.

Practice using them in a a spoken sentence with your child so they know how to use them.


Practice remembering them from what they look like. 

Write each word on a new piece of paper then place them in different parts of the room or garden. Play corners can your child point to or run to the correct word to recognise it?

Apply: Write these in captions containing the tricky words:

Oh no what have you got there!

When are we going out?


Please like this observation on Tapestry as acknowledgement that you have received it. Thank you.