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Leighton Primary School

Week 2

Week 2 27.4.20

We are going to continue with the sound 'h' doing activities little and often will help to embed listening for the sound in words and writing the sound .

There is a " h" work book attached to give you some more ideas during the week . You don't have to print it you can look at it on a screen.

Warm up: Jolly phonics songs and actions .  

1. Watch the you tube video and then have a go at writing the Capital H and the lower case h.  

2. Read the words – hot, him, hand, hill ,hug.

3.Write the words – hat, ham, hut.

Challenge: Can you read this silly sentence ? The hen sat on the hat.

Please like 👍 this observation on Tapestry so I know you have received it , good luck.