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Leighton Primary School

Week 4

Hi everyone
I hope you have all been enjoying doing your school activities and have learnt Bb , practised our tricky words and practised some blending .
This week we are going to learn all about Ff .
We will have two session on this sound for this week so you can enjoy the activities learning little and often with a variety of different activities to do .
These are the sounds we have learnt so far : s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b

At the beginning of every session sing along and copy the actions of the sounds we have learnt so far. This youtube clip shows the Jolly Phonics songs sung in the order that they have been taught.) 

Also at the beginning of every session send your child around the house to find 5 objects! For example, one from the kitchen, one from the bathroom, one from their bedroom etc to make it easier.

Can they tell you the name of the object and then the beginning sound?

e.g. s for soap, L for lego, c for cup, b for ball.

This Week we are learning Ff show your child the f as a Capital and lowercase letter and say its sound 'f'

1.Watch Mr Thorne Does Phonics clip “f”. 

2. Read the words:
fit, fat, fuss, if, fun, off, lift .
The f sound can be at the beginning , middle or end of words .

These can be written on paper or typed onto a screen.

3. Write the sound f. Use the formation rhyme for the lower case f:
"down the stem and draw the leaves."

Session 2 Ff
I hope you have all had a go at looking at the new phoneme (letter ) Ff.

We are going to continue with this sound doing activities little and often will help to embed listening for the sound in words and writing the sound . There is a " F" work book attached to give you some more ideas during the week . You don't have to print it you can look at it on a screen. As before to get warmed up listen to the jolly phonics songs and join in with the singing and actions .  (this you tube clip shows our jolly phonics songs sung in order.)

Activities 1. Watch the you tube video and then have a go at writing the Capital F and the lower case f.  2. Read the words – frog, fan,from, fast, . Then have a go at reading these captions: "I am fit ". "I can see a frog . "

3.Write the words – fit, fun, fat, fed, fog.
Use the video and pause where necessary to read the sounds , words and sentence.

Good luck, have fun 😀and please like👍 this observation so that I can see you have received it.