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Leighton Primary School

Week 5: Beginning Mon 11.05.20

Week commencing:  Mon 11th May

How did you get on with the addition and subtraction practice?

This week, we are moving on to revision of multiplication and division, together with some work on 3D shapes:

Multiplication and division facts p32/33

Mental multiplication and division p34/35

Multiplication practice p38/39 and multiplication problems p40/41

3D shapes p88/89

English comprehension – there are two new comprehensions this week. Read the text carefully, then answer each question – make sure that you answer the actual question that was asked!

Week commencing:  Mon 11th May

BBC Women's Footballer of the Year – news article

The Real Princess - fiction

The suggested answers to last week’s comprehensions are shown below – just click on the document at the bottom of the page. How did you get on?


English writing – there are two different activities for you to work on this week. They help you to practise different writing skills. It is important that you read the introduction (on yellow background at the top of each section) before you start, to understand the specific skills!

Week commencing:  Mon 11th May

Save our playground – p21 – persuasive newsletter

The Hare and the Tortoise – p27 – writing dialogue (conversation)


Handwriting – you can choose any two activities to do each week! Remember to put the date at the top of the page. We are looking forward to seeing how your handwriting has continued to improve with regular practice over the past few weeks!



Our artist of the term, is Piet Mondrian. What can you find out about him? If you are struggling, use the PowerPoint to help you with this. Can you re create any of his famous art?


Did you know that about two thirds of your body is made of liquid? This is used up by our body all the time, so it’s really important to keep it topped up. 

You’re going to make a tool to help you drink enough each day. Grab a water bottle or something similar (measuring 1 litre). Using a marker, mark three lines around your bottle so that it is split into four even sections. Make sure the lines are thick, so you can see them easily. If you do not have a water bottle, maybe you could measure approximately how many cups/beakers of water you would need to drink a day to reach your target of 1 litre.

To keep track, give yourself a target of how much water you need to drink each hour. 

Keep up the thirsty work! Why not use a calendar to mark off every day that you’ve drunk enough? How long can you last?


It's been a few weeks since Easter now. We would like you to consider what you know about this important festival. Can you record the Easter story in your own way? Perhaps you could draw your own comic strip or make a junk model to illustrate what happened. When you have done this, reflect on this question:

Is Easter a happy or sad time? What makes you think this?